Network connection lost while playing a boss fight in Hardcore

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    Back in diablo 2, the millisecond you saw mobs not moving. QUIT AND SAVE !!!
    was nailbiting when you went to charactar screen to see if you are dead or not.
    Sometimes tears of joy, and sometimes only tears.

    But i hope you will get fast disconnect from the game. So u wont die to connection problem. I usally never have problems with internet but you never know.
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    Well since it's something that I cannot control, after maybe yelling a few swears, I'd take a little break from playing HC and maybe from D3.

    But really, something like that has never happened to me, so I do not really know how I'm going to act if I lose something I spent hours on because of an uncontrollable problem.
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    I suppose it can only be yourselfe to blame if it is your own internett connection, but if it where blizzard having any problems, and it was their fault that you died in HC, i suppose they whould brin the character to life again? or whould this be easily exploited?
    Do you guys think that blizz whould do this? thou im shure blizz will keep their server stable at all times :)
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