Network connection lost while playing a boss fight in Hardcore

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    What a bummer if you lose connection to your network while playing solo on a boss fight on Hardcore...

    What would you do, when you realize that you lost connection to your network, when you play Hardcore?
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    Maybe not play hardcore? :) Or go kick someone from blizz for forcing you to play online only.
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    Or more reasonable; go kick your ISP for disconnecting you.
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    Quote from Wingless

    Or more reasonable; go kick your ISP for disconnecting you.

    But what if the problem is with blizz servers? Who will you then kick?
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    If the servers crash I don't see how it can get you killed. If the server goes down you won't be able to take damage after a disconnect, thus not die.

    I'm not sure, but I think that after disconnects and crashes, that you are in town when you log back in.
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    So if servers can't handle it, and game startes lagging and you die because of it, then who will you kick?=)
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    I would probably kick the wall next to me and break my toe.
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    Myself for playing a HC character, knowing the risks involved?

    I'm not gonna kick Blizzard for providing a safer and more optimized play experience.
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    Why does this keep coming up at the moment?

    If you disconnect and it is your end (ISP / Fake DC / Whatever) then your char will likely die as their is a log-out period if you disconnect whilst in combat (20 secs I believe).

    If the servers crash on the other hand, then everything will stop and I think like with WoW, you will still live (you will probably spawn in town at the start of the last quest you accepted... hard to say at the moment).

    If you think this is a problem, don't play hardcore xD. As it is just one of the risks of the game mode.

    You just lost

    THE GAME!!!
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    Reconnect... with my IRL friends.
    Your deeds of valor will be remembered
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    What if your PC crashes? What if the power goes out in your house? What if you have diarrhoea and have to make the choice between dying or crapping your pants? Point is there's a lot of ways to die in hardcore, if you're not prepared to lose everything don't play it, I know I won't be.
    The question isn't why do I kill. The question is, why I don't kill everybody.
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    Quote from Gazziwa

    What a bummer if you lose connection to your network while playing solo on a boss fight on Hardcore...

    What would you do, when you realize that you lost connection to your network, when you play Hardcore?

    This happened to me in Diablo 2 when i was place 6 or 7 in the Euro HC ladder pre expansion Barbarian, i was grinding hell for XP when i got close to Hephasto, i used to avoid him as melee since he was quite a melee killer back then, then my connection died, i only had ISDN phone line back then.

    When i logged back on i was a ghost, that is probably one of the few times i shed a tear in anger hehe, i have timed out many times before but i rarely got killed because of it, i guess Hephasto had the cursed aura since i would normal survive his attacks long enough to drop from the game.

    Bad luck can be quite a killer in hardcore, i probably spent 2-3 weeks getting him that high, before the expansion there were hardly any characters above level 90 that i can remember, getting XP was quite a boring grind, hardcore was much harder back then as well.

    I really hope Diablo 3 hardcore is closer to Diablo 2 pre expansion difdifficultyen post expansion, the game became way to easy with all the powerful items and a new act.
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    naa i don`t play hardcore. That suxx big time if you got a lag or something else. Had this problem a lot in Diablo 2

    Bam Game Over

    I Play normal.
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    Dying because your significant other started a download, server hiccups, annoying relatives, crappy ISP's, accidentily alt-tabbing is all part of the hardcore experience. If you are anoything like me injustices like that only make playing hardcore more appealing.

    I remember back in the early days of D2, way way before the release of LoD, somewhere around patch 1.01. servers went offline a couple times a week and the time to disconnect from the game after you timed-out was about 30 seconds (an enternity in hardcore). The only way to survive such occurences was by having a buffer and a bit of luck. Lots of necro's and thorns/conversion paladins back then. Pretty sure the first hardcore char ever to make it to king in europe was a 58 necro :) Those were the days :)
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    Happened to me alot of times! I had ISP connected to alarm system in my house and always at 23:55 my alarm system disconnected isp line just for sec because of some seccurity reasons and mostly when i was forgeting about that ( i even have alarm clocks next to my pc later on ) i was tping to baal or doing pindel with my MF sorc..:) This is one of those dark sides of HC! That moment when You see YOUR CONNECTION IS LOST on the screen and You just think if there was something around that could kill You in like 3-5 ( coz that was how long Your char was still in game in d2 ). But all of us that chose to play HC just agree to this sort of things that can happen sometimes :)
    ps. Sorry for my bad english, it's just not my native language.
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    No matter what that is just the risk you take. Blizzard has answered this question already. If it were to happen to me, I would probably throw the hot coffee I am drinking in my face and go run a lap to clear my head. That is how I will deal with it. Other than that, you should alway be on edge playing hardcore mode anyway since you can die at any moment. That is the enjoyment and reason what seperates us from casual and hardcore players.
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    Yep, I used to get this a fair bit in D2, Hell cows especially, followed by some keyboard smashing rage.
    I haven't really experienced the random dc's I used to get in blizzard games, they seem to have made some good
    advances since the old days. Also my ISP probably isn't as crap anymore. But in the end it's just and unfortunatre part
    of the risk going with HC. I assume that's why they haven't got the RMAH in HC as well, randomness + loss of money = too much complaining. I think that's a mistake however, hopefully it will get added later at least, but that's a whole other topic.
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    There's nothing you can do in that case. You must accept the fact that sometimes shit happens. A meteor might crash your apartment, your CPU might catch fire, aliens might attack your neighbour and cause lag spikes to you etc. What I learned from Diablo 2 HC is, you'll die sooner or later. Sometimes its your fault, sometimes its not. I play the game to have fun and dying is a part of it. I'll still punch my keyboard if something like that happens tho
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    99% of HC deaths due to disconnects won't be because of Blizzard's servers, if anything they know how to handle server traffic. It'll most likely be your ISP which is to 'blame' (or ultimately YOU for not optimizing your net or playing on a connection you know is unstable).
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    My friend and I were playing hardcore D2 a long while ago. We did this, together, on the same Dial-up (56k) connection.

    No big deal. We even had the 56k shared so we had 4 computers all fighting for the internet. It wasn't bad, really, this was before the interenet got all bloated.

    Anyways, we just hit 30. I had a zon and he had a sorc. We were killing it hard, clearning act 5. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN as we clicked on one of those dumb little red portals in act 5, we lagged out and both died.

    Turns out, the downstairs computer tried to relaod CNN and it took all our internets.

    Oh good times of 56k.
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