[PC Upgrade for RoS-Need help]

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    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but i do really need to find a solution.
    After RoS upgrade ,the game itself has for me very low FPS(like 9-10)while playing alone and almost nothing (1-2)while in a party.The game experience is terrific,especially while in a party and i can't even run trough Act5,my character moves like a silly snail.

    My PC :

    Does my motherboard support a new video card?Can i replace it and/or the processor?What is the best for my spec to make RoS run at least decent without experiencing low fps and lag? Do i need more RAM or another components?
    I seek an advice, I am totally newbie in this,please help me out with what i could do-i don't want to run it in max specs but at least to be able to play decently while in a party.I have a low budget tho :) Thanks alot and hope to see you all again inside the game after i fix my pc !
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    Could someone help me please?
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