Computer crashing since 1.08

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    hello , since 1.08 released , sometimes after a few mins , sometimes after a few hours , my d3 game crashes my entire pc , i'm playing normally and suddenly the game closes , weird color lines start appearing in my monitor , if i'm playing music it starts to sound horrible and it only happens with d3 since last patch...i don't know what to do.... my computer specs are amd phenom x4 955 be , 16 gb of corsair vengeance ram , gtx 550 ti with latest nvidia driver 320.18....

    i tried repairing the game, reinstalling the game , cleaning my computer registry , i've tried everything i know i can do....
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    Since you notice it when you increase the cpu load, it's probably the cpu. But your problems sound like artifacts you get from overclocking to me.

    ^ Wotb + br up: live conditions.
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    Run Windows Memory Diagnostic to check memory problems. Run System File Checker as some of the system files could be corrupt. I hope it helps.
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