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    I play a TR (Tempest Rush) Monk, where one the key things is moving around quickly. I have found that when moving around a lot and what not, I keep being put back to where I was a few seconds ago (rubber banding). I have a decent system and my connection is great (around 65ms~ latency).

    I know that recently in one of the patches (have not been playing much until 1.0.8) that there was some sort of change that 'fixed' the rubber banding issues but I seem to be experiencing them quite often.

    Is there anything I can do on my end to help this?

    I have VS (Vertical Sync) Turned off (unchecked)
    I have a AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.40GHz, 8GB 1600 RAM, 120SSD + 2TB data HD, ATi 6950 2GB Video card.

    PS: I just had a pack I ran into that I let kill me a few times that has the vortex affix that I could repeat the jumping around when it would pull me in and then I would TR out of it then be put right back into plague and deescalation.
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    One thing I've noticed that will notoriously and reliable cause a Rubberband is when you go to use Tempest Rush while another skill animation is still going. For example, when I spam my Cyclone Strike and try to TR out real quick while the last CS is still going, it will show me running out and rubberband me back shortly after. I'm pretty sure this is also pretty reliable for other animations such as being Knockbacked and Vortexed.

    Its possible to have a 2nd kind of rubberbanding which can happen from having large mobs on screen and running through them to the point where the game essentially craps out, can't handle any more information, and has to "catch up", while in the meantime the game on your side is attempting to respond to your actions. That's more of when you see all of the monsters on screen "idle" for a few seconds and then you rubberband + everything moves suddenly.

    I haven't noticed the 3rd kind as much as I did with my Barb and WW where it seemed like attempting to WW with insufficient Fury or having just enough then spending it, appears to cause a similar issue to the second kind where what is shown is inaccurate to the server. When I don't have enough Spirit for TR even right after casting it stops properly more often than not. This rubberbanding is not so much lag (latency or FPS) as what could be compared to data loss. I consider Lag (latency) to be exclusive to my character (monsters won't lag), I consider FPS loss the same thing (I can't control my char as its not responding during "skipped" frames that are lost), and rubberbanding to be different from both of these in certain cases as you may have no Lag and no FPS loss. It is more of a disconnect/coding issue.

    Hopefully this all makes sense and helps you out a bit. Basically, for TR monk make sure that you aren't in the middle of another skill animation or being CC'd and for the most part your rubberbanding should cut down a ton. If its from large packs, well, until D3 gets a performance upgrade there isn't much any of us can do here.
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    I did some more testing in trying to really rubberband predictably. In general, Tempest Rush does not interfere with Cyclone Strike. I'm currently using a SAS Monk (slow attack speed) as it makes the Cyclone Strikes actually slower (longer animation) and after about 30 minutes of trying to rubberband it would seem that its fairly uncommon unless you are being attacked from a group larger than 10 or something with Knockback or Vortex.

    Having a higher attack speed should reduce the chance of skill interruption in theory but its a bit moot as you don't want a high attack speed for Tempest Rush so it doesn't eat up all your spirit. The slower your attack speed the less "casts" it does per second and therefore reduces the spirit consumption. I currently permaTR and its pretty fun :)

    As we know there isn't FHR like in D2 (faster hit recovery) where your character does a "flinch" animation when struck. I tried casting CS and immediately casting TR and it was nearly impossible to rubberband without being in a battle of some sort. I haven't tried any other skills* but I'm assuming that they will yield the same results.

    This should be even less of a problem in RoS potentially with the new buff of being able to run through monsters (like WW, TR, Spirit Walk). I forget what its called but I see it helping a lot here. Something good to look forward to ^_^

    *Going to this morning, will post results if anything special happens.
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