Is it "safe" to use Logitech Keyboards (example G510 and G19) with D3 now?

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    Hi all.

    A while ago I used to be big into D3. I had played on my Mac laptop (of 2008 vintage) up till a point where I was forced due to my laptop's lack of power to play on my significantly more powerful gaming PC.

    I used to play on that PC with D3 a ton, until I bought a Logitech Keyboard (specifically the G510) with advanced macro keys and a LCD screen for displaying game info.

    Soon after getting this keyboard, I had heard people were getting banned from D3 for having the keyboard attached to their system, not even using the macro keys, and I haven't gone near D3 since.

    I know Blizzard supports this keyboard with WoW and maybe SC2 (unsure on this one), so why would they be banning for having a piece of gaming hardware attached to their system?

    I use the Macro Keys for automation outside of games (I got it mainly for the LCD screen) and I've used the macro keys on other games when I need a single keystroke accessible under my pinky (i.e. calling for medic while moving, "dropping the intel" or using voice chat in TF2)

    So, the question I have is this: Is it "safe" to run D3 with a Logitech gaming keyboard (G510) that has macro capabilities, even if the macro keys are not being used or if they're being used only for single keystrokes?
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    I have the Razer Blackwidow. I used to macro my entire single-target and multi-target attack sequences in rift. I've used it in almost every game. They usually don't do anything with it. Although it uses the keyboard software to record and run macros, it looks like normal key presses on their side. I highly doubt anything would ever come of it.
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    As usual blizzards stance on macros is, one click, one action.

    But if the macro software is flagged by anit cheat software, i don´t know, so i won´t say it is safe. You should ask this on the official forums.
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    I've had a G15 and then a G19 and haven't been banned in any blizzard game, even though I have been using the Gkeys in all of them, nothing illegal though.
    Since the profiles are called and stored from Logitech Gaming Software, which is a program needed for the keyboard to function, Warden will not flag you for it.
    You can program the keyboard to bot and not be detected as long as you don't call other programs that are flagged from your macros.
    People that got banned (haven't heard of anyone getting banned btw) where either using an actual botting program and lying about it or where really stupid.
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