Linux Bans?

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    Hey all. I doubt anybody remembers me, I was here in the months leading up to the D3 release. Well, after several setbacks I finally was able to get a gaming desktop and can finally play Diablo 3 (the collector's edition has been sitting on my desk since the midnight launch).

    Well, almost. I had to skip out on a few things to keep from going completely broke...a disc drive (planned to reuse one, turns out there's no IDE ports on my motherboard. Have to get a SATA disc drive.), a new hard drive, and an OS. Can't reuse my old one apparently without formatting it.

    I remember people being banned for using Linux/Wine. How are those bans going? Where they lifted and did it stop happening, or did they turn out not to be real bans and that people were cheating? Thanks for any answers.


    Oops, meant to put this in the Technical Support forum...sorry!
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    From what I know, those people were using Linux as an excuse but they actually did do something against the rules, such as botting. I think you should be fine, but I'm no professional.
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    Moving to Tech Support.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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