Comp shutting down while in AH

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    While I play, my computer can get overheated and shut down at times (not isolated to diablo 3 and that's cooling issues, I know that) but what baffles me is that my computer shuts down if i'm idling in ah for too long. At times, my computer shuts down even when it's cool from just being started and I head to ah and then I go for a drink or so and when I come back, it's shut down. It has never shut down while I'm using the ah, always after being afk for a few minutes.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    Yes - i got the same, but after reinstalling Diablo it stopped.
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    Try turning on vsync or using the slider in the options to limit the FPS that the game runs at to 60 and see if you still have the problem. Also, you might want to look into why your system is overheating. It may need cleaned out or a fan may have quit working etc...
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