WTF is Error 30008?

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    I get this about once out of every 5-6 times I load diablo.

    I load in, get an "error 30008" and then I have about 100,000,000 ms delay (not exxaggeration) spiking up and down between 50ms to a huge number in the millions. The game is extremely choppy and laggy and I can only fix it by restarting the computer.

    I have died to this in hardcore before atleast once.

    Is this some graphic card compatibility problem or is this really a year old bug that blizz hasn't fixed?
    I often get it from using the auction house and then immediatley logging in, so I try to only use the AH after I'm done playing.

    Just wondering if anyone else gets this.
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    There could be many reasons, it's not neccessarily a problem with the Blizzard servers. The error message probably makes more sense internal with Blizzard but it's an indication that there's a problem with the connection for sure. Consider these things:

    - Are you on a wireless? Wireless connections are often unstable.
    - Are you able to watch streams without interrupts?
    - Are other people experiencing the same on your region? If not, then it's likely a configuration or ISP problem.

    Does this happen only certain times of the day? If you're on a coax connection (shared connection basically with people in your neighbourhood, you're all connected to the same 'box') then you might have some trouble whenever people come home from work and fire up their computers, start streaming/downloading etc.

    It's just hard to say, there are many possible reasons. Try calling your ISP for troubleshooting.
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