Need help, getting Error 3006 on PTR!

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been getting those "Two" errors on the PTR since early yesterday. First error I get while logging in, everything goes fast, the Connecting to and Authenticating, but gets stuck for 40~ish seconds on "Retrieving Hero List" then I get the error "there was an error switching heroes. (Error 3006). But then it works fine when I relog again. But then I also have an error with the auction house. My blance says "Retrieving Balance..." and I can't buy, sell, send to stash nor can I recieve the money from the items I sold already that were listed before the error accoured, it just says "Processing". But anyways, after 2 minutes on the auction house I get the error "Cannot get your payment info. (Error 3006). The strage part is, why are they both Errors 3006? And any way to fix this? At the moment I can't reinstall if thats a solution, my bandwith is tight now.

    So if anyone got any solutions to this it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Both Errors I had previously are "gone", except one part from the AH error, now it displays as an Error 31015 instead of 3006 as the switching hero error I get while logging in. But now it drops me off instantly from AH and gives me "Cannot get your payment info. (Error 31014).
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