Hellfire ring with 3 affixes?

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    [I can't get into Diablo at the moment, so I don't have the actual stats. I will edit later when I can get them]

    Last night I made an Int HF ring and ended up with this:

    30ish-60ish damage
    170 Int
    30ish crap resistance

    Does anyone know how this could have happened (3 random affixes)? Is there such thing as two damage rolls that would have been combined in one range? I know I didn't get an "Int + something" roll because the Int is at the minimum for a Hellfire ring. Is Int=0 a viable roll?

    I'm thinking I should put in a bug report, but I'm not sure what they'd even do about it. Anyone have any clue on what's going on?
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    hmm.... hmm... hmm,,,,
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    You could post on the official forums with a screenshot of the ring. I'm sure a bug such as this wouldn't go unnoticed if it existed.

    edit: What a huge typo... fixed now.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Its not a bug. You have 4 affixes:
    +min-max damage
    +min or +max damage

    The last 2 get collapsed into single line in tooltip.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm pretty sure Ashes is right because I have three now that look like this.

    22-36 dmg
    87 vit

    32-64 dmg
    33 lighting resist
    487 lok
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