The story about my hack

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    I finally joined the hacked club last night. I got home from work and played about 20 min on act2 inferno. Then I had some dinner and watched some TV.

    I try logging in at around 9 and I start getting error 3 that the information is not correct. I check my e-mail and have two new messages from blizz saying that there has been a request to change my account name and e-mail address. So I go through the account retrieval process. I change the password to my e-mail address and run a full virus scan. I always keep win 7 and avast updated.

    I find out that my security quest has been changedL It used to be what is the name of your high school. Now it is what your childhood nickname was.

    So I started a new account and submitted a ticket. I got a reply this morning. They said that the original account has been locked to prevent any additional theft. I went to the retrieval process by uploading a scan of my passport and filling out the form.

    I no longer have my original CD key but I gave some extra information about my account that only I could have known related to my AH activities, my IP address, and my friends contact list. They said it would take between 6-12 hours. Here is hoping for 6 hours.

    I play D3 about 2 -3hr a day 5 days a week and this happened. Real kick in the pants. Never been hacked before and I am always careful in terms of net security.

    Has this happened with anyone before? How can I better protect myself? One of my buddies has an app on his cell phone but if he loses his cell phone he will be SOL.
    I will update this thread when I have an update from blizz. I hope my experience can help someone else down the line. I did check my char page on D3 website and it still has all its gear equipped so here is hoping I did this fast enough before someone was able to sell stuff or trade stuff off.

    Also I only have a D3 account no wow or StarCraft account.
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    So I have an update. My real name first name is Pramodh but I go by a short form of Prem. I sent blizz a scan of my passport. On the passport it says my full first name and not my short form. They say since the names don't match up they can't prove that it’s my account. I filled out the original account with the short form of my first name.

    I sent a follow up ticket. I gave them the answer to my original security question. This was the question that has not been changed from installing the game in July till yesterday. I also offered to take a pic of me holding my passport standing next to my computer screen showing them the IP address.

    I hope to hear from them soon. So for anybody out there save your CD key I am the bone head that didn’t. Also put your full legally binding name on any forms because it will help you if you ever get hacked.

    I wanted to ask anyone else for some advice for my situation.
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    I'd say your best bet is to call them up. This has been the fastest reported method of obtaining back your account. And yeah, a lesson is to be learned from that CD key, but it happens. I lost my original D2 CD key a few years ago and was sad as it was the first game I actually bought (and not just downloaded). Nostalgia hurts a lot now. Keep your keys folks!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    So I have my account back. I didn't have to call them but I was able to find my CD key. After i did an early spring clean I was able to find it and got the account back. Luckily nothing was missing.

    If I had saved my CD key then i could have started playing the game right after I noticed that my information was changed. Always always save your CD key. Lesson learned and I hope not soon forgotten. If I couldn't get my account back I honestly think i wouldn't get another copy of the game. Starting back with nothing doesn't seem like too much fun,
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    Quote from kumarpr2277

    How can I better protect myself? One of my buddies has an app on his cell phone but if he loses his cell phone he will be SOL.

    Your best bet is to get an authenticator; a physical one or the app on your smartphone (if you have one). As to your friend, I doubt he'll face any problem if he looses his phone. What the thief will probably do is to use or sell his phone. It's very unlikely that someone will steal your phone in order to get access to you account (or steal your phone and then decide to try hacking your account when discovering you have the authenticator app.

    What you have to do if you can't use your authenticator (stolen, lost, broken etc, doesn't matter) is to contact blizz and they'll help you out in the same way as if you were hacked (except having to perform a rollback).

    Funny story: while playing wow I bought an authenticator and being the nice guy I am, I bought one for my friend but before I could tell him I actually had one for him too, he said I was stupid to blow my money on it. Needless to say, he didn't get his and guess who got hacked not long after ^^ moahahaha
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    Authenticator FTW

    If you play every day its a no brainer.
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    sure suck man
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    Authenticator for the win.

    Also : how can you lose your cd key within half a year after buying the game ? ^^
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