Blizzard Slow Response Times

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    I put a support request through Blizzard's account recovery system on Tuesday, and have yet to hear back from them at all. I've been trying to call them since Tuesday as well, but every single time, I get an automated response: "sorry, our support queue is full" and it hangs up.

    Anyone else having issues with Blizzard support being unresponsive? In some support scenarios, 2 days might be short.. but not being able to play Diablo is hell (pun intended).
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    I'm sure they are receiving ALOT of tickets/calls tbh :)
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    It's Friday night, looking like I still won't be getting a response. This is 4 nights I haven't been able to play.. and I'm just going to guess they won't get to me over the weekend either, so I'm losing a weekend too. Blizzard's support is sucking balls right now.
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    LOL for at least the last 4 days, Blizzard's phone queue has been full at every point during the day, immediately kicking you off the line. Now, they're "experiencing difficulties", so the whole system is down. I never expected Blizzard to fail so hard at customer service.
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