High FPS drops and many FPS spikes

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    Hellou guys. This weekend i tested the open beta of Diablo 3 and i had some problems considering the FPS in the game. All the details of the game were HIGH at a rezolution of 1920*1080. FPS problems (10~15) ,for 2-3 seconds, occured when big battles were played, sometimes when entering the Cathedral and few FPS spikes when running on the map.
    My specifications are the following:
    -Intel Core i5-2400 @3.10 GHZ
    -8 GB DDR3 RAM at a 1333 frequency
    -Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 (driver up to date and ambient occlusion off)
    -Gigabyte P61-USB3-B3 motherboard
    I know that the beta is not fully optimized but some friends did not have problems on HIGH details like mine and they have older systems. Can not blame the system because with other 2011/2012 games i do not have FPS problems on high details. Please let me know if you encountered this as well. Thank you.
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    Your friends might have a different opinion of "not having problems" than you. Diablo 3 lags a little bit when loading new assets for the first time (like models and textures), which you can experience running around. (Technically advanced games will load the assets on a background thread, eliminating this effect, but no one will claim that Diablo 3 is technicaly advanced.)

    It can also get a little slow in big battles just because of everything that's going on. This is usually a GPU limitation, which your 560 is not immune to. Dropping shadows from "high" to "medium" should eliminate this problem on a card like yours.

    If you're using vysnc in game (to eliminate tearing), turning D3's vsync off and using the "Adaptive Vsync" feature of NVIDIA's 300+ drivers will give a better experience.
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    I also tried the LOW details on every setting, got rid of the FPS spikes but the FPS drops in big battles with other 2-3 players were still present. I can not try your suggestion with "Adaptive Vsync because i no longer have access to the beta(lack of beta key). Another question is how the FPS limit options work? (background and the other one).
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    Quote from cheetanz

    Another question is how the FPS limit options work? (background and the other one).

    The FPS limiter is mostly there to manage your system's power usage by limiting the game's frame rate. Personally, I recommend disabling it and using Vsync to accomplish this instead because you eliminate screen tearing as a bonus. This feature is most useful for laptops: it saves battery and can compensate for an insufficent cooling system.

    The game comes out in 21 days, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to experiement with these settings soon :)
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    Ok thank you for the support. Hope that when it comes out at least at medium details it will be fine.
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    Many many people have this problem, you can see that currently in the web site there few treats with more than 1200 comments on each, still no adequate response from blizzard (nobody knows if they are alive, they took our money and now they call us liars when we say that the game does not work properly)
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    I have an nvidia GT525M, tried everything, turns out that the frame rate was just the ambient occlusion off and threaded optimisation off and it worked fine.

    want to fix the lag, i am not sure seems that whenever i get lag the latency jumps up to like 1300-1400 so it's nothing to do with me, seems to be a server issue, only i have only had that with this game.
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