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    Hey, I'm new here, but not to blizzard games, I don't often have much to say, or many issues that I can't normally fix myself, but it seems this issue isn't widely seen and I have had no luck on the blizzard Diablo forums.

    When i start up Diablo 3 beta, after the launcher, my screen goes black for 2 seconds then goes to the log in screen, but it is centered to the top left of my screen the rest is black and all I can see is the bottom left corner of the log in screen.

    I have tried updating graphics drivers, Ran in 640x480 and admin mode etc I can't seem to get round it, i am currently reinstalling it to see if that helps, i have had to upgrade to windows 7 today just to play the beta as i couldn't upgrade vista past SP1.

    I cannot make a screenshot because it shows as a full grey screen.

    Any help appreciated.
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    I can't really help you with a straight answer, but here are two things to know:

    You should search the Beta Bug Report forum on and if there isn't a topic on this - do create one. Also check out if your video card is officially supported.

    The second thing to help you with the previous one is that Diablo currently doesn't work well with the Print Screen button. Instead, you can change the key to something else in the key setting - then you'll be able to take screenshots normally and they'll pile up in your Diablo 3 installation folder.

    Hopefully some of this will help you get on the right track to fixing your issues. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Hey thanks for the advice, i seem to have found the root of the problem though, 1280x800 just doesnt work on my computer it does the same thing if i set my desktop to 1280x800 and im guessing thats the default max for D3 beta.

    Well it would be nice if they could add 1400x900 because it looks alot nicer for me and alot of others, currently on 1278x786 or something as my max, so it never reaches 1280x800.

    I can't see a way to fix my 1280 resolution.

    Oh and im loving the game, really well made, cant find the beta bug report button though :S had a couple of things i wanted to bring up last night.
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