Legendary Gem Power Suggestions

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    UPDATE - 14.06.2014: Added new Gem ideas.
    The developers have recently been talking about the idea of adding Legendary Gems to the game.They also mentioned that these will likely be only socketable in Rings and Amulets.

    • I believe the reasoning for this is for sockets to have some meaning in these slots, and for them to be a competing affix with things like Attack speed, CHC and CHD. I also think that's meant to "limit" how many legendary Gems you can have equipped at a time, so there's actually an interesting choice to be made at the end-game (which wouldn't be possible if you could equip them on Chests/Helms/Pants).
    With that in mind, I came up with a few ideas of what these Gems could be, their lore, the philosophy behind them and potential powers that could bring some change to the game's current meta-game.

    Table of Contents:

    Hellfire's Twilight
    Ancestor's Crystal
    Sky Puzzle
    Homing Fury
    Nightmare Skull
    Ivory Strand

    Philosophy Fear in general is a very unwanted debuff because it causes enemies to scatter away and make it harder for players to hit their area of effect abilities. In general, players like enemies clumped up.

    It was probably meant to be a "defensive" debuff, but it doesn't last much longer than other debuffs and makes affixes like Fire Chains or Molten even more deadly. Other crowd control effects (Knockback, Stun, Freeze, Blind) are a lot better at preventing damage.

    This gem improves it by reducing the damage of enemies Feared by your character (specially good in a party setup), as well as increasing your damage against Feared enemies - to make up for the fact that enemies "scatter". It's ok if testing shows overall damage is roughly the same, since it's meant as a balancing factor to make Fear viable, not as a strong offensive addition to your character - specially considering Fear usually last longer than other crowd control effects.

    Philosophy Ranged/kiting builds sometimes are considered weaker than their meele rivals, and are particularly vulnerable to affixes like Knockback or Vortex. This Gem is meant to give characters who want to stay away from their enemies a chance of doing so against some of the more deadly elite affixes.

    Also there aren't any items/effects that interact with Vortex or Knockback currently. This gem does that in an interesting way (even preventing things like Frozen/Molten explosions), but without trivializing these mechanics because of the internal cooldown of 10 seconds.

    Philosophy This Gem is meant to be a tool for the player to use in Goblin Rifts, against extremely difficult (double? triple?)elite packs, or against Rift Bosses.

    It's also meant to be a tool for players who want to build their character tankier, but still want to contribute to the party's DPS in those crucial fights, without feeling they are a dead weight.

    It has the downside of taking one of your active slots, and having a long 2 minute cooldown. Might also require some balancing in regards to Rift Bosses (like dealing 50-60% less damage to them, in order to not trivialize every Rift Boss fight).

    PhilosophyThis one is pretty simple: right now elemental specs and affixes dominate the end-game. Area damage has an interesting concept and the potential to allow people who don't want to focus that much on a specific element to have a more diverse skillset - with better rune effect sinergy.

    The item disables elemental damage bonus as a balancing factor, because otherwise people would just ditch as many defensive stats as they can and stack both extremely powerful offensive stats (Splash damage AND elemental damage) - which is exactly what happened with Trifecta + Elemental Dmg.

    All in all, an item meant to allow people to come up with builds that don't necessarily have a single element type in all their skills.

    Philosophy Critical Hit Chance. The one affix to rule them all. A lot of people want to see the mechanic limited or changed at its core. I'd like to just propose an alternative, a different path for those who don't want to have all their characters be defined by CHC and CHD all the time (and 8+ of their gear slots have one predetermined affix/gem ALL the time).

    Let's do some very basic math here. Assume 50% Crit Chance, and 500% Crit Damage, the average for end-game characters. On half of your attacks, you're doing 4 times more damage (the variation/delta is 400%), so critical hit chance increases your average damage by about 200% - it's no surprise everyone still uses it, in conjunction with the "new" offensive affixes.

    This Gem increases your damage by 100%, which is certainly a lot less than what you would get with Crit Chance, BUT, as a HUGE advantage it opens up affixes on 7 gear slots, plus the Sockets on Weapons!!! It would obviously require some testing and balance, but I can defniitely see people trying different things (more cooldown reduction, more resource reduction, more life regen, etc.) on slots that previously had 3 out of 4 affixes set in stone.

    PhilosophyCharm and Confusion are 2 other types of debuffs that are generally underwhelming. The reason for that is that both enemy damage and AI aren't reliable, you can't make them focus on a specific enemy. This Gem is meant to give those debuffs slightly more power, specially against elites.

    PhilosophyThis Gem has two goals. Increase the power of Dodge as a mechanic (considerably weaker than other mainstats), as well as shift some focus from "infinite resources and just spenders"-builds. Ideally this would make people give more thought into whether they want a resource generator or not on their builds.

    Also, while the gem is obviously more efficient on Monks and DHs, the flat 15% chance to dodge makes it useable for other classes as well.

    This post is also meant to encourage you guys to post your own ideas!!! If you think of something incredibly creative that could change how players use their characters, make sure to post it! Here's the download link for the template I'm using.
    The devs are reading, and they love great community suggestions!

    I just think there's a few ideas to keep in mind when making suggestions like these.

    First, the effect has to be somewhat simple, easily described in a line or two, otherwise the mechanics and description become just too convoluted and cluttered. I've seen suggestions for legendaries on the forums that have 3-4 lines, or weird "charge" mechanics, and separate cooldowns for different effects - that's not what devs are looking for,imho.

    Second, keep in mind these effects need to make someone wonder"ok, would I trade 'x affix' for this?", at the end-game. I believe the Ring of Royal Grandeur is a great example of this in general. Since getting a trifecta RoRG is so hard, people usually weight having just attack speed and either CHC/CHD, and giving up one of those affixes for its effect.

    Third, I believe in general they want to implement ideas that make unused skills and unexplored areas/mechanics of the game more interesting. The "Fear" Gem proposed is an example of that. In general, people don't care too much about Fear effects. Frozen, on the other hand, is a theme/effect already heavily explored by items like Frostburn, Azurewrath, Winter Flurry and Light of Grace, so having more items for that would be somewhat redundant.
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    I have to admit I really like the ancestors crystal. Other 2 not so much. Just my 2cp.
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    Do you think the gems should give like crazy skill bonuses instead of these sort of effects? So a skill and a elemental damage boost %.

    energy twister now summons 2-3 additional twisters? +some elemental percent. 15-20% per gem? (limit one per toon)

    Teleport now has a 0-2 second cool down. + some elemental percent (15%-20%).(limit one per toon)

    You can now summon one additional hydra. + some elemental percent (15%-20%) (limit one per toon)

    Arcane torrent now has a chance 5%-15% to summon an arcane mine upon enemy death. + some elemental percent (15%-20%) (limit one per toon).

    Disengrate is now fire damage and burns targets for 100%-120% over 3 seconds. + some elemental percent (15%-20%) (limit one per toon).

    Killing an enemy with meteor has a chance of summoning an additional meteor at the same location. +some elemental percent (15%-20%).

    Your chain lightning now has a chance to summon a thunder storm for 8 seconds that deals (1200%-1500%) over 12 seconds. +some elemental damage (15%-20%).

    Using lightning orb generates a lightning nova around you that deals 350%-450% lightning damage. +some elemental damage (15%-20%)

    You can now stack blizzard. +some elemental damage (15%-20%).

    Sorry all wizard suggestions cause I love my wizard :)
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    I'm not sure if these Gems would be tied to a specific class. Most class legendary affixes are tied to exclusive class items, with general items having bonuses that are useful for all classes. Having specific class bonuses/affixes would require the drops to be tuned so that specific Gems do not drop for classes that can't use them (or greatly reduce the chance for them to drop).

    I think something like the Hellfire's Twilight there is ok, because even though a class like the Witch Doctor has an easier access to said mechanic, other classes can still get that through items (like the Act V cache-exclusive Pandemonium Loop, which is in general considered an extremely weak item).

    That was my thought process at least.
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    That's true^. I wouldn't mind if that were the case though. Depending on your class playing it'll only drop those certain gems that can do those sort of skills. I mean they kinda do the whole no drop thing already for classes or a super low chance ya know?

    Also to me this seems more legendary! They can cause you to change your build a lot imo!
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    I posted the concept of legendary gems months ago in the Path of Exile official forums. My idea was to have the orientation of the colours of the sockets and the links match like a puzzle piece to slap a big jagged legendary gem into.

    I'm sure I was not the first to suggest the idea of legendary gems by a long shot. after all, in that game they had legendary potions and legendary maps etc.....

    My thread received absolutely zero reply. As well any thread I passionately drummed up on the official forums received zero replies as well.

    its pretty discouraging to say the least. So your thread with pictures and such is pretty wicked. And new ideas like this are tantalizing. I wish was still excited about this game to experience its fully fleshed out iteration if it happens to be ready in the upcoming years.
    My Idea to chime in on your thread about new concepts related to gems, is this:
    Recently they began to open the door on which runes are in effect at which time for which skill. IE: all runes are active for a particular skill, or one skill can trigger another skill etc....

    I would like gems to add heavy boosts to specific runes and random skills and really tie them together in interesting ways. like for example......strafe rune missile effects transform into Impale rune effects. or triggering a strafe will conceal your character for its first 3 seconds

    maybe strafe shots could trigger a mass confusion to certain mobs?

    maybe Seismic slam knock back could effect elites and bosses 50% of the time?

    Perhaps with a hard enough push with gems melee DH could become a force to be reckoned with?
    Perhaps gems could critically alter the skills of the followers?
    these item generator template website doo-hickeys are absolutely breathtaking as far as I'm concerned. as are any items people come up with.....a floodgate of cool ideas.
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    Since we have no idea how the Legendary Gems may be acquired, it may very well be possible that there are several Class restricted ones, as they could either drop as Smart Loot or can be bought with some new sort of currency. In both cases, you would get the ones your class can use, so that would be alright.
    Also, they need very little art (only an icon) so there could theoretically be a lot of them without being too expensive in development terms. I also remember that Blizzard found it easier to come up with class based awesome Legendary affixes than neutral ones, so they might have a lot more in store already.

    I'd encourage everyone to share their ideas, no matter if they're class restricted or not. Maybe we'll see your idea on a different item, even if Blizzard decides to go with neutral gems now, who knows?
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    Updated the post with some new Gem ideas. Lemme know what you think of them.

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    Some ideas from me:

    • Whenever you lose more than X% (15?) of your maximal life within 1 second, reduce the remaining cooldowns of all skills by Y seconds (3-5?).
    • After earning a massacre, demolition or mighty blow bonus your next X (2-3?) attacks will deal Y% (100?) more damage.
    • The resource cost of your resource spenders is doubled, but so is their damage.
    • Enemies affected by your poison skills have their attack speed reduced by X% (15-20?) for Y (5?) seconds.
    • Each non-criticial hit increases your damage by X% (4-6?) . This effect can stack up to X times (10-15?) and is removed once you land a critical hit.
    • The damage from the attacks of the same element as your maximal elemental skill bonus is reduced by 50%, but you take 20% more damage from attacks of other elements. (holy == arcane)
    • Automatically heal to full life whenever you escape death via 'Unstable anomaly', 'Spirit vessel', 'Near death experience' or 'Indestructible'.
    • Your armor is increased by X% (100-150?) but your elemental resistances are reduced by Y% (50-75?).
    • The cost of your resource spenders is reduced by X% (20-35?), but each cast reduces your current life by Y% (2-3?).
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    Those are some really cool ideas NHunter.

    I particularly like the damage-boost that resets when you Crit. Incentivizes people to go for very high attackspeed to stack it asap. I think the %-boost would be higher though, as we have an innate 5% chance to crit on every attack, and some items (Sources) will almost always roll Crit Chance as an affix.

    I'll see if I can find time later today (or tomorrow) to put those into cool screenshots and add them to the original post.
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    Yeah, probably that non-crit booster is too weak... At 50% it will be hard to get even 5% increase... Still, need be careful with the increase % as it will be applied to critical hits as well...

    > changed into something more worthy of being used.
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    The idea of Legendary Gems have so much potential that I totally don't understand why are they limiting them to Rings and Amulets only. I know that creating a truly Legendary Gem with well designed affixes for all the slots (weapon/jewelry/helm/other) requires a lot of creativity and manpower, but I'd rather have 4 Legendary Gems with various effects dependent on slots than 16 Legendary Gems limited to Rings and Amulets.

    BTW: given that the Socket affix is one of the least desired on Rings and Amulets they should IMO reinvent the existing gems with +% elemental damage affixes when put inside Rings and Amulets. Bad idea?
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Those are some really cool ideas NHunter.

    I particularly like the damage-boost that resets when you Crit. Incentivizes people to go for very high attackspeed to stack it asap. I think the %-boost would be higher though, as we have an innate 5% chance to crit on every attack, and some items (Sources) will almost always roll Crit Chance as an affix.

    I'll see if I can find time later today (or tomorrow) to put those into cool screenshots and add them to the original post.

    I went ahead and created the pictures myself...

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    I see a lot of suggestions for what these gems might be like, but what about more discussion of how everyone might like to obtain them? There is already the thought of some things being class or skill specific, so smart loot would come into play. That is if the gems were based on a drop chance.

    I personally like the idea of legendary gems being a reward system that gives players something to try and accomplish. So how about with the addition of 2.1 and tiered rifts, each successive tier completed drops increasing amounts of 'Legendary Gem Fragments' and after collecting a particular number of fragments, they can be combined via a new artisan into a legendary gem of your choice. There could even be levels of power, with higher power level gems requiring more fragments than lower power level gems.

    For example:

    Power level 1 - 200 gem fragments.
    Power level 2 - 500 gem fragments.
    Power level 3 - 1000 gem fragments.

    Feel free to elaborate or suggest tweaks or your own ideas. I'm curious to know what others think about this.
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    They should allow these legendary gems to be put into 2Handed weapons *wink wink*

    like the ideas a lot, and there can be so much potential.
    the darklight gem tho seems a bit clunky, maybe it should just negate a vortex / knockback effect. with cd of 10~12 sec.

    my additions:
    >you lose X amount of HP per second while gaining Y% damage for every Z amount of HP missing. (not sure with values that can be balanced)
    -i'm thinking this could work well for a vit-centric build

    >your area damage no longer applies; instead, aspd (or damage) is increased by your area damage %

    >your nonspenders deal 100% more damage when you have no resource spender in your skill slots (or even up to 200%?)

    >your movespeed is decreased by 35% while you gain 30% damage reduction

    >picking up gold decreases cooldown by 1 second

    >breaking objects increases aspd by 10% for 3 seconds

    >double all slow effects from your skills, have 15% chance to slow on hit for 33%

    >your world is dimmed over: light radius is reduced to 12 yards, affects maps. your character is enveloped with a bony structure that deals 333% damage to all enemies within 9 yards
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    almost all of your suggestions are too shit to warrant losing mainstat/crit/chd/elemental dmg
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    How about teleport to target with primary attack?

    Or a pull affect, similar to Cyclone Strike with internal cooldown of 10 secs?

    Or +10 to +15 to all Core, Utility, Offensive or defensive paragon points?

    Critical hits reduce cooldown by X%?

    Whatever the decisions they make, they need to bring some power or people won't use them.
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    NHunter suggestions are damn good, Blizzard should check out most of them
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    Quote from ruksak

    Whatever the decisions they make, they need to bring some power or people won't use them.

    I *hope* they know this. I mean that's obviously the implication with them going into rings and amulets, right? Those sockets are considered underpowered and undesirable. Hopefully their design makes it so that only applies to regular gems, but legendary gems make us think "yep, I really want a socket on that ring."
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    I'm pretty sure one of the gems will have the ring of royal grandeur effect.
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