Gold and crafting enchanting costs.

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    IMO the gems prices are insane I find it mostly when im trying to enchant and its costing over a million gold per shot because of the crazy gem prices.
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    They are indeed a little steep. They could lower the price to the closest previous gem tier.

    I feel the overall gold rewards for completing a bounty and a rift is a tad too low for t1 and up. An increase of some kind would be great. Not much, but some.

    I'm no t6 farmer, and doing mostly t1 or t2 bounties and rifts. Aquisition rate is way too low. A small 5-10% increase would make me really happy... :)
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    I was farming T1 until about 1½ weeks ago at which I stepped it up to T2 and I have to say, the amount of gold I gather basically just covers my needs for gem making, crafting and enchanting. I'm playing bounties and rifts and don't take advantage of any exploits like clearing Hell Rifts in act IV. I think the prices are nice where they are. If you keep running more rifts than bounties (using your friends first keystones), you're going to end up loosing more money than you bring in. I play mostly solo and I have to say that it feel rather well balanced. Right now, I'm actually a bit richer than I was when the expansion was released.

    Started the expansion at 280 mil

    Now at 302 mil

    Lowest point was 266 mil.

    PS. I estimate I've spend an average amount of gold on enchants. My most costly enchant was my amulet. It took me about 20 mil in gems and enchant costs to get what I wanted.
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    i started the xpac with 32 mil and now have 12 but my low point was 40k
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