Legends You've Salvaged and Regretted After?

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    Here's mine:

    Thunderfury - Before I knew elemental damage > profile dps. My Fulminator is so lonely too...

    Burning Axe of Sankis - Same as TF above. Got another one now but Int and no socket so meh.

    Maximus - Rolled with int for Wiz and no Socket but max fire damage. Already had one for Barb so Salvaged it, wish I kept for follower now though.

    Puzzle Ring - Didn't know this is how people got the treasure golem, plus extra rng rolls. Got another one now though.

    What have you salvaged and regret now?
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    I was gonna start a thread like this.

    Cindercoat. Ugh, I have everything else for a fire build but....I don't wanna talk about it anymore.....
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    Salvaged a Maximus after 10 rolls for a socket...guess I kinda regret that
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    Ring of royal grandeur, regretted it when I got my 5 piece akkhan. Quickly got a new one though, 40 bags had 2 of them.
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    DE'd a cindercoat while i was WW barb build, now i'm trying to farm gear for fire and looking for another cindercoat!
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    The advantage of being a hoarder: this has never happened to me.

    I keep every legendary that might even be remotely useful. For example, I crafted 30 Penders Purchase - all turned out to be crap - but I kept some of them in my stash. Later on I figured I could use one of them for my pure tank monk.
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    early after release on my wizard I found a 2H with 3080~ dps and though it was rubish

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    Too many to start listing them here. I usually run out of souls so i start prioritizing stuff in stash and eventually salvaging everything LOL
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    A friend salvaged a shard of hate as he "thought it was rubbish" He has a reputation for being lucky and getting the best drops so when he looted it everyone on ts started laughing at his unbelievable luck. He thought he was being trolled and salvaged it without asking.
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    Ohh where to start :) Cindercoat for sure!

    And i blew Shard of Hate with socket and 2400+ damage in salvage mode.. DOH
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    Salvaged too many items to imagine! There wasn't a single occasion where I regretted it. Almost nothing I find is any good.

    It's always more Blackthorn's, Hellracks, and useless Two-Handers.

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    I salvaged a pretty good odyn son and fulminator because I only was playing a wizard at the time. I could have rerolled them to suite my now lightning barb...ah well lesson learned.
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    I sharded a Sun Keeper because it had low damage (~2k dps) and a rather bad roll, right after hitting 70. Now I'm not so sure I should have...
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    I sharded a Starmetal Kukri very early after release. Don't remember the stats on it, but it wasn't good enough to use over what I had at the time and certainly didn't have a socket.

    The Soul it gave me probably went into a pair of bracers I enchanted 13 times to get Poison damage on it and wore about 1 day after I finally managed it. It was the first time I decided I was not going to shard stuff again cause I needed Souls to make a passable item maybe decent, and there have been many times since. :(
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    I salvaged an SoJ because it was the wrong element and didn't have CC or CHD... later, I realized that even a shitty SoJ is better than most trifectas.

    I had a Calamity at some point, though I don't remember if it was at 60 or 70... I got something that I thought was "better", so I nuked it. Not sure if regret.

    I think I've salvaged a Thunderfury or 2, but I still don't have a lightning spec that I particularly care about, so I haven't regretted it quite yet.
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    I salvaged the "super shrine" gloves before they were nerfed because, without testing them, I said to myself "there's no way these work on the rift pylons."
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    Where do i begin?

    A half-crappy Odyn Son i got early. Before SoH on my barb. Once i got the SoH i realized what i had done (Got a new odyn a few days later that was actually really good)
    An SoJ with the wrong element and no CC or CHD (Yesterday i got one with 50% CHD and 30% elite damage though. Jackpot!)
    Lut Socks. I wish i had saved those for the day i get my third 'of the Earth' piece
    Trag'Oul Coils. I later realized those were amazing to have with you to cut of almost a minute from your major cooldowns every time you find a health well.
    A shitty Sun Keeper i wished i had saved for the elite damage and some testing i could've done.
    Thorns gloves. (of the invoker or whatever). Would've given me 4-set, which i believe could be pretty sweet combined with the Blackthorne 4-set.

    I am sure i've made more terrible mistakes than this, and if i remember i will be sure to let you know!
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    An Eye of the Storm with (iirc) 23% Lightning damage, 4.5crit, 700 dex and a socket two days after my Monk dinged 70 b/c I did not realize the value of elemental damage; the new Leoric's Crown I got was green on all three stats!
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    I have kind-of a lame one, I salvaged a Skywarden (random Law every 60 seconds) because it rolled with no STR and no socket, without realizing I could've just rolled INT on it and given it to my Enchantress. I know it's more a novelty than a real loss, but I would've liked it for sure.
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    Too bad ... "think before you act".
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