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Has Kharzan Den exploit and that new battle field of eternity afk farming shit been fixed yet?

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    Looks like blizzard doesnt give a shit about these things anymore they've been so slow dealing with these. Now that AH is gone just be like they dont give a f*** anymore huh
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    The irony in this is that u say 'new' battlefield of eternity afk farming... let's think about this... let me know when u figure it out
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    1) Yes, it has been fixed - actually it was hotfixed pretty soon after they became aware of this.Correction: It seems like some of these are working (again). Was pretty sure people reported that those "exploits" weren't possible anymore. Well - Blizzard fixes things immediately that require fixing. If they think that this is not as rewarding as, for example, doing rifts, they won't do anything about it.

    2) Watch your language, this is not an acceptable tone.
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