Aughild set unable to enchant All resist?

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    I wanted to ask a simple question - why are the shoulders and chest of Aughild's Authority unable to enchant +all resist? Another bug, or some wierd Blizzard idea of balance? Just cant figure this out - it looks pretty damn moronic from where I am standing right now. Doing these annoying ghost farms all night until I got good items and spent another 15 FS before I figure something is wrong and check and see that All resist isn't in the enchanting list. I now remember that I have seen this before on regular rare items at RoS launch. Just makes no sense what so ever. i have never heard anything about list of items that can't roll certain stats and I am pretty sure I had all resist in some of the bad roll aughilds I crafted and salvaged instantly. If that is some sort of balance, just because set bonus is rather good, it looks pretty weird and people should be informed, at the very least. If not and this is just another bug, Blizzard should really be congratulated for their work, I mean its only been 3 years of Diablo 3...

    Any clues?
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    If you get any elemental resistance as a secondary stat on your gear, you cannot get all resist as a primary stat. This is to prevent One With Everything monks from double-stacking resistance.

    First one with all resistance, so there we go. Second one has lightning resistance and will never, ever be able to roll all resistance no matter how hard you try.
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    I can see the point now, thanks. Although, this kind of ruins the OWE rune. But I guess it might have been too powerful.
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    Quote from sLex

    I can see the point now, thanks. Although, this kind of ruins the OWE rune. But I guess it might have been too powerful.

    It doesnt ruin OWE at all. You can get +150 single res as a secondary, which is not only more than the +100 all resist maximum, but it also moves your resistances from being primary to being secondary, so you effectively have an additional primary affix on most slots. (If RNGesus is with you)
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    Yeah, OWE is still easily one of the most powerful passives out there, even without double resist stacking
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    Quote from Mienta

    Just a small nitpicking correction: it can even roll up to 160 (140 for rares, 160 for legendaries). And up to 200 for lightning resist on Thundergod's Vigor (which seems to be the only item that allows for all resist and a single resist at the same time). It's possible to get up to 3000 all resist as a monk thanks to OwE, and if you're going for a tank monk it's a must-have passive.
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