Transmog bug? or how does this work?

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    I have several cool helms i want to use for transmog, i am not sure how the systems is supposed to work, but for the most part i have been able to transmog any helm, but recently i got a storm crow on my wizard, legendary helm. I went to the mystic, but when i go to transmog, its not appearing even though i unlocked it, and several other legendary helms also

    If i grab my storm crow from my stash and put it in the slot i am able to view it, and mog it to OTHER helms, but i cant figure out how to mog my yellow helms to it, because its almost like certain helms are hidden, if i equip storm crow, several other legendary helms also appear in the list of available helms, some low level ones even, that i hadn't seen when mogging my helms normally

    so whats the deal? is this normal. or a bug? how do i get my yellow helm to turn into storm crow? why aren't some of my helms showing? please if you can explain how it works, because i am stumped.
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    should be able to select your yellow helmet, the transmog of the unique should be in the pictures, usually at the bottom of all the others, and if I remember right, it's 50K instead of 500 gp, I don't remember there being an item required to do it, but if there is, maybe that's why it isn't working?
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    My guess is because storm crow is considered a "Wizard Hat," so you can only transmogrify other wizard hats into it and not normal helms that can be worn by any class. They are considered different categories I believe.
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    Storm crow is a wizard hat, it can be transmogrified to other wizard hats or regular helms. Regular helms can only be transmogrified to other regular helms.
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    oh ok thanks guys for clearing that up, was driving me nuts, that sucks though cuz i want storm crow look for my helm =( makes sense though that there are specific class categories, hadnt thought about that, sigh
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    This ones kind of dumb though, it isn't like the wizard hats are any different fundamentally from normal helms.
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    Same situation with armors for demon hunters. Cloaks and normal armor doesn't share skins either. :-(
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    I think the reason is because transmogrification is not character- or class-specific. If you transmog an axe into a sword and give it to another character (or follower), it still has the transmogrified appearance of a sword. If you were able to transmogrify 'normal' helms into wizard hats, then you could have any character equipped with a 'wizard hat' graphic.

    If you could transmog regular helms into wizard hats like Storm Crow, you run into 2 problems:

    1) Barbarians, Monks, et al. could run around wearing wizard-only gear. This would look confusing but is ultimately cosmetic.

    2) The developers would have to go back and add new graphics files for every class so they can wear all other classes' special equipment. This would be a pretty big time and money sink for something that would just confuse players (See #1).

    It kinda sucks that I can't really use the graphics for the cool class-specific equipment I find a lot of the time (like BK swords, or Madawc's Sorrow), but it solves some nasty problems in the big picture.
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