Billions of EXP Per Hour! Streaming! Come Hang out!

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    I will be streaming tonight and most nights from now on. I would like to develop a bit of a user base to come enjoy the game with me. Me and my friends currently Run the Crypt of the Ancients on Torment 6 and earn somewhere between Three to Four BILLION experience per hour while running at a very fast pace. Please stop by and see how fast the runs are and make any comments/suggestions you feel like, Especially on stream quality etc. I do not have the greatest PC in the world but I am trying to get every last ounce out of it in order to stream the highest quality possible.

    I will also be streaming the Night of Release of RoS. I currently Use a monk, but i also run with a wizard and a barbarian from time to time! Stop by and check us out and lmk if you think there is a faster route for farming EXP at this time.

    If you would like to see my character, you can check out ForTheHorde#1462 On

    I currently have over 5Million toughness and about 250k DPS for the runs we are doing now.
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    Just one topic please.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Quote from overneathe
    Just one topic please.

    I am sorry, It said the other one didnt post. My bad. U can delete one of them.
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    Deleted 2 of them already.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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