[RoS FAQ] Reaper of Souls: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Oh yeah of course, armor racks, weapon racks, I don't even know exactly what they are called, there are many of those "gizmos" as Blizzard calls them :-) They're all in the same spots.
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    Are they? The area before Maghda for example has a lot of "weapon crates". You can guess, what they contain. Also Torture tools (halls of agony) and those sword-like things in a4 are for weapons if I'm not completely mistaken.
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    Quote from piterek2003_new

    I play on T3, but I'd still open my bags on T6 if it wasn't for this particular piece of information.

    Of course it was a bug, but it was a bug most people suspected existed. Big deal? Nope. But I really dislike misinformation.

    The hotfix specifies gold and gems, not armor/weapons/etc so it likely didn't apply to those things anyway.
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    Added the drop rates for crafting materials and legendaries (extrapolated from Lylirra's post) as we finally know them (wouldn't have thought we ever would get to know them).
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    There a treasure goblin following me and picking up white drops that i was salvaging for Common Debris. What's up with him?
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    It's a Puzzle Ring :-)
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    why DPS different? because of APS only?

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    Yeah, attack speed makes a huge difference.
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    Just got some Firewalkers from an act 2 bounty box.
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    Hi first of would like to say thanks for all the work you put into this thread its been extremely helpful with that being said i would like to ask about all resistance as a barbarian

    I would like to know if theres a soft / hard cap and what % i should be aiming for currently im around 80-81% unbuffed and with my warcry im sitting at 83-84% for pretty much all my resistances

    Second question is i have marra amulet with immune poison my question is does all resistance lose value as we gain immunities as each point would be worth less because of it being spent in a resistance thats uneeded ?

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    At first - thanks ;-) To answer your questions:

    1) There's no hard cap, and the soft cap is higher than what you want to go for. Just get as many resistances and armor as you can without sacrificing too much life/DPS/other stats. My main is not a barbarian - you should ask these question on the barbarian forum to get a more specific answer.

    2) Resistances help you to mitigate damage from all sources, while the amulet only makes you immune to one particular attack. You will never be able to get immune to everything, so the answer is: resistances are always worth it. :-)
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    • Torment I: 15% (campaign mode/bounties), 43% (rifts)
    • Torment II: 32% (campaign mode/bounties), 65% (rifts)
    • Torment III: 52% (campaign mode/bounties), 90% (rifts)
    • Torment IV: 75% (campaign mode/bounties), 119% (rifts)
    • Torment V: 101% (campaign mode/bounties), 151% (rifts)
    • Torment VI: 131% (campaign mode/bounties), 189% (rifts)

    This info is no longer correct is it? These rift legendary drop rates are still calculated with a 25% increase and not with the current 100% increase?

    Maybe change that so they're up to date?
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    Thanks for the reminder! Completely forgot about that. Updated.

    I also added a question #24 which is being asked very very very often...
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    Where exactly is this information from? It's not sourced. Blizzard didn't release torment loot information.

    Is this datamined? Even then, do you know for certain this information is correct? Can you prove it?
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    Which data exactly are you talking about, and where's a source missing? You mean the legendary drop chances in Torment? It's all there, including source (the Reddit post has the link to the blue post:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12413271220?page=13#241)
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    Why rift bosses drop the same amount of blood shards from T1 to T6?
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    IIRC the set items part of the transmog answer is wrong. As some have found and I have personally tested about a week or two ago, you can't get recipe crafted items' transmog by crafting them.
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    Quote from F1restar »
    IIRC the set items part of the transmog answer is wrong. As some have found and I have personally tested about a week or two ago, you can't get recipe crafted items' transmog by crafting them.

    I just did a bunch of crafting for my monk 2 weeks ago and every single item that I crafted was unlocked for transmog. So not entirely sure what you're referring to when you say what you and some others have tested, could you be more specific? Did you not get the transmog at all? Maybe you already had the transmog? My testing confirms what is written in the FAQ, and I believe everything else appears to be a bug, but I'm not aware of such a bug. If you could point me to posts/threads of such observations or maybe be specific as to what item exactly you were crafting to get the transmog design, I'd be happy to include those bugs/exceptions.

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    Question 22, says there's a gap, should be a cap on shards...just trying to avoid any confusion, great, and I mean great thread!
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    Thanks! Fixed :D
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