Should nerfs be prioritized over fixes?

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    With the recent patch they nerfed multiple things like Mira, Cursed chests etc. and while I disagree with some of those things that's not the point of this thread. My question here is Even if these things were slightly to good, not like 10x better than simple farming but say twice as good do you think nerfing them should be more of a priority for Blizzard than fixing bugs?

    An example is a recent blue post which stated that they are aware of the issue where 2h legendaries are rolling with 1h stats but it didn't quite make it into the recent patch and to me that means they prioritized fixing slightly abusable mechanics to gain a bit better efficiency over fixing a fairly major bug and that's just not right. Like I said had the mechanic allowed people to gain a ludicrous amount of XP then I would understand but it didn't it was barely above what one could gain from simply playing and to me fixing stuff is more important than nerfing that.
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    It just means that it takes time to fix bugs and quite often you also have to test them out to see nothing else gets broken with the fix. Likely the 2-handed weapon issue just came into knowledge and it just did not make it into the fix but could be added to the next patch or maybe even hot fixed in.
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    The prioritization of patches always depends on their severity for the long-term health of the game.

    The Cursed Chest event in act 1, had it not been fixed, would've resulted in many many players having insanely high paragon level at this point. Same with the Mira runs.

    2h weapons rolling 1h stats means that certain items are not that powerful yet, not as powerful as intended, or just underwhelming and useless.

    The latter has basically no long-term impact; the worst that can happen is that players don't pick up 2h items. But if players reach paragon 800 in just a couple of months, they will run out of things to do, creating many more problems for Blizzard. If, for example, 1h weapons would roll 2h stats, this would require an immediate fix. The high weapon damage in the F&F beta showed how unhealthy it was to have "too high damage" on weapons. In that case, it would even be irreversible.
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    "Clever use of game mechanics"..also know as exploits, should be adressed as quickly as possible to assure longevity and equal terms for players.

    In other words, yes. I prefer them fixing things that enables players to advance much faster than is intended, such things are not healthy for the game.
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    Basically what Bagstone said. Some things are more harmful to the game on a long-term scenario.

    Some things are quite simple as well. Looking at different quests and setting their exp rewards according to the time it takes to finish them is pretty easy. Now changes to how 2-handers roll affixes has to actually go through "game design" to ensure those changes don't break the game.

    Some bugs can be a bit complex to solve too (programming-wise) and must go through extensive testing before being patched. It could be the case with this one.
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    Well I already think the COTA runs should have also been nerfed.. along with Mira and the Caldeum quest

    Zero might agree with me here, after doing some runs last night. I hate the idea that the best way to get exp is to do 1 minute runs of one area/event over and over..

    On T6 I saw that Moldran posted a vid showing stats of 2.25 Billion XP/Hour for the run... which seems ridiculous..

    I think I am just going to do guaranteed legendary skeleton king runs for a while.. it is more fun
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    The pathetic part is these people think they aren't exploiting.
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    Quote from Finder

    The pathetic part is these people think they aren't exploiting.

    On the specific case of Crypt of the Ancient I wouldn't call it an exploit. Yes the waypoint makes it slightly easier, but the mob density is variable (I've had runs where I found only 1-2 packs of skeletons and the elite) and the elite adds some interesting random element to it (that's also dangerous). It's merely a repetitive run, that slightly benefits from the waypoint.

    I'm kind of on the fence about Mira runs. You can do any quest and get its experience reward, and I wouldn't want them nerfing that because it's "farmable". It also still takes some time killing all the skeletons, then her, then loading it all again. I don't know, still wouldn't call that an exploit (but rather a quest that needs its rewards slightly adjusted).

    Cursed Chests I did view as an exploit. It was taking advantage of a minor programming overlook that made the chest spawn way too close to a waypoint. I do believe in that because of how obvious and easy the fix was. I'd definitely call that one an "exploit".

    You can't just dump all those and everyone who does them in the same basket. It's not really fair to the reasonable and honest players.
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