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    Good evening fellow forum crawlers.

    Allow me to begin by saying that this is my first post and a subject that i have pondered about for quite sometime.

    I'm sure some of you may find this trivial and some may even feel the need to tear me down for such a view.

    That's O K guys i am interested in all sides of a debate and i welcome your thoughts and critique on the matter.

    I am frustrated with the notion that everyone should be and be made to feel like a winner.

    You see it everywhere today. Parents and organizations telling kids that no matter what your a winner.

    I hate this hand holding coddling bullshit. To quote George Carlin " There are no losers anymore, everyone is a winner. No matter what the game or sport everybody wins, everybody get a trophy. No one ever gets to hear those important character building words "you lost bobby.". you know what they tell them instead? " you were the last winner."."

    At this point you may be asking " where is he going with this?"

    My point is this. Blizzard Entertainment has turned us all into its special "Winners"

    I'll not speculate on the reason for such actions, that is not why i am here.

    Diablo, WoW and HS, just a few examples where there are no consequences (hardcore being a very soft exception) for dying, wiping or losing a match.

    In vanilla inferno i was overjoyed when i finally killed the butcher but do you know what thrilled me even more? The moment i walked into act 2 and was immediately shredded by the very first bug i came across. I had just killed the butcher and I gaped in awe as this tiny little bug proceeded to bend me over and told me to bite the pillow because he was going in dry.

    I was halfway through act 2 when we got the big nerf and i felt cheated.

    I feel The spirit of competition in gaming is slowly dying and the main reason for that is the soft stance people have taken on losing.

    I'd care to hear from some of you.
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    Question is what's a winner? You say there's no punishment from dying but when you die you have to wait until you can continue playing and have to repair your gear. Maybe this punishment isn't enough so you can play hardcore where one death means you loose your character which in my opinion is a big punishment especially if you played that one character for like 100 hours.

    In the end it's about what kind of punishment is acceptable for the target audience. If dying in softcore isn't punishing enough, play hardcore and if even that isn't enough it isn't the right game for you. The target audience of all Blizzard games is a big one so they have to make their games easy to learn and rewarding at all times.

    Also I don't think that you feel like a winner all the time. When I die the screen says "you died" and not "congratulations, you killed x monsters". Also when wiping in WoW losing a match there are consequences. When you wipe you have to repair and use food again, run back to the boss and start the fight again. When losing a match you gain less points.

    What kind of punishment do you want? When you die you lose a level or you can't repair gear so if you die too often you lose your items? As said Blizzard can't go into extremes because they would lose their audience and won't make money. If you want extreme punishment, you have to play other games or punish yourself. If you die in-game, cut off a finger or something if you like but I think there are incentives in the game to stay alive.
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    This is just a side product of the whole "appealing to the masses" or "accessibility" approach. Simple logic, they want more people to be staisfied with their game so they will make it so "everyone is a winner". I don't think that this is nessecarily a bad thing though because it does mean that the game will be more popular which in turn ususally leads to more patches and expansions. I get your concerns and i share some of them, but i can also look over this "obstacle" and just focus on what i gain from the product, personally.

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    Well , they did a small thing that is overlooked , rewarding the ones who don't die.

    Pool of Reflection - as long as you are alive you gain 25% extra xp bonus for 10% of your total XP and if you get another Pool while yours is still active , it extends it by another 10% and this effect stays active as long as you stay alive , one death and it is gone , you can log out and return and it will still be active as long as you don't die , this is a good approach I believe , rewarding the ones that play better instead of punishing the ones that die.At one point they tried the approach of increasing repair costs and it was a nightmare , you would play an hour or two hours and you would come out short on Gold and no legendaries and you felt as if you did nothing and it was better if you didn't play because you regressed instead.

    I think this concept is amazing and I hope they expand on it with more stuff like that , rewarding the ones that play better.
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    Quote from Yingtao

    If you die in-game, cut off a finger or something if you like but I think there are incentives in the game to stay alive.

    lol! horrible and awesome idea at the same time.
    I can see what you see not.
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    While I generally agree that the "everyone's a winner" approach is detrimental to a child's development when it comes to competition and sportsmanship, I don't look to video games as a source to develop those values. So, I'm not going to criticize a video game for adopting the everybody-wins mentality (especially not one whose only opponent is the AI).

    You also have to recognize that a lot of the people who play video games are not children but adults, who get plenty of lessons from the school of hard knocks without pre-nerf Inferno Bees. I pay taxes, I don't need Blizzard to teach me life lessons.
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