Question about the state of the end-game of d3/ROS

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    If I think what is end-game for me, than i think end game is the will to become stronger to handle the next stage. If I look back at diablo 3 vanilla and the philosophy of the diablo 3 game makers, this wasn't the case. The philosophy was that there are higher mps, but the higher mp u went it was less rewarding than the previous mp in comparision to scaling of dmg and health vs. exp/mf. They said back then that it was optional to go for higher mp and they didn't want to make it mandatory. I really dont like that philosophy.

    so my question is this: is torment 5 more rewarding then torment 1 at this point, (assuming u have really good equipement to handle torment 5)? If yes, what made that happen?
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