Annoying rubber banding and lags lately

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    Hey folks,

    normaly I wouldn't worry much about a rubber banding here and there (playing a barb) but since roughly 2 weeks it seems to heavily increase. The lags getting pretty annoying since sometimes it's like a 5+ seconds delay until smth happends (on Blizzards site --> my babr still keeps spinning but no life leech etc happends).

    So is it just me or do others encounter a higher and more annoying stuttering recently? Does the insane amount of (my subjective impression) of crypt runs demand everything from the EU servers?

    Can I check if my end is ok and not causing any problems?

    Did lower any config, tho my PC should be fine to handle full (no problems in crypt runs with 4ppl and max settings ), but it still happends way more often than usually.
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    mine has been doing this lately too. so i had to stop leveling my first HC char and go back to SC.
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    I have noticed it to, seems to happen alot more on my demon hunter when i vault, on my wizard i hardly ever see it even with teleports.
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    Same here, at least one rubberbanding every 15 mins, nothing to really worry about but.. I almost never had them before.
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    Same problem here. Had to quit, drop internet connection, re-establish the link and re-launch the game. Things worked better. Maybe just luck.
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    Easy way to check if you are having rubberbanding issues:

    1. Get some movement speed boost (the more the better).
    2. Find a corner, any corner, the sharper the better.
    3. Hug the corner and run back and forth around it.
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