G2PLAY Offer, is this for real?

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    I don't know about you, i only know what happened to me. If some1 wants to buy from them, i recommend using paypal. But for few euros difference, i wouldn't risk it. There are a lot of safe sites to buy from and this one is definitely not one of them.

    You are funny, I bought 300+ copies D3V from the guys running that site, there have never been any problems.

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    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    Botter alert...

    Yes, I bot and it's my business.There are tons of people who want to exchange real world currency for virtual, happy to provide such a service.
    Blizzard obviously also made tons of money, selling those game copies to me.

    It's a win/win/win situation.
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    I have pre-ordered RoS from g2play.net as the reviews seem positive and the price is great.

    I've bought Guild wars 2 off Kinguin and it's very nice. The service is great and delivery fast too :)

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    Wow, more and more first-posters gathering in this thread.B)
    I can see what you see not.
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    Quote from gcbah

    Wow, more and more first-posters gathering in this thread.B)

    Yeah, I'll keep an eye on those. People are allowed to discuss whether a specific site is legit and ask around for insight from other users, but let's not turn this thread into an ad thread -.-
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    I have mostly been a lurker on diablofans (but have posted alot on mmo-champion.com af "phurox"), and G2play is legit.

    I have bought several games from G2Play without any problems :)

    Have bought plenty of games myself there :P Only reason I am rethinking bout buying RoS there is wether I want it or not digital or physical.
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    Site wants $40 from a browser in America, the current reduction is likely due to them "evading" VAT by selling you American keys. (Or maybe abusing that Taiwanese gifting etc.)
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    bought many games from g2play and 100% satisfaction from my side

    for civ 5 Brave new world they forgot to send me the key the day the game launched and after 2 minutes i got the key on my mail after asking for it
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    Also bought games from go2arena and g2play, without hiccups.
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    If converted to Euros from South African Rands, RoS costs about 27 Euros so it seems legit I would assume. Why different countries pay different amounts is anyone's guess.
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    Lol, so many <20 posts account joining this thread...

    Every post I see from them the credibility of that site lowers 1%.
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    oh yes we're all working for g2p ...

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    It's okay to be suspicious. I'm just happy that I get to pay 26€ instead of 40. And that gets me down to the price blizzard should've expected from us, the equivilant to $40...
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    think that mater to me is if i get my key before release or i have to wait hr's or even days

    this think doesn't mater to me when come to offline games i usually play games months or years after release.
    But when u play with friends first hours are the best, and missing it is not worth 14€

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    Quote from Artemix

    Lol, so many <20 posts account joining this thread...

    Every post I see from them the credibility of that site lowers 1%.

    Why don't you just stop looking at this thread and forget about G2Play then? :P
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    I have ordered several game keys from mmoga.com. All of them arrived 2-3 days before the release of the according game. There were never any problems. As soon as RoS was available as pre-order, I bought it there for EUR 29.99. Let's hope they deliver the game again a few days earlier. ;)
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    Bought call of duty ghosts yesterday from them. You wait an hour or so, then they send you a mail with a zipped picture containing the product code. I admit the ordeal looked a little dodgy at first. Used paypal, tracked the order to hong kong. They may be dodging taxes and shit, but they provide the product code....and that's good enough for me.

    Especially for ROS..which is a friggin robbery compared to the tiny amount of content you actually get..1 act.1 class..the rest the vanilla game will also get.
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    I also just bought RoS from them for 23 EURO (I had several discount for earlier payments...), which is allost half the price of Blizzard's price.
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    Yeah , I can only vouch for g2play as I never tried other sites . I had once an issue with russian BF4 and they gave me two options : Points equal to the price or sending me the Multi lang version ( what I paid for ) .

    End of the day , they are cool but I always prefer buying from more original sources ( Battle.net / Steam ).
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    G2PLAY is fine, but make sure you buy a EU Version, because D3 had some region locked RU-Keys.
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