"Advancing" Advanced Tooltips

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    cool idea, this should definetely be in the game :D
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    Excellent idea. :)
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    Quote from gutpik

    from what i understand tooltips on skills are just "image" with fixed text, so to change it blizz will be forced to write scripts that gonna change how frames work, and then another scripts that gonna show actual stats\changes.

    Though this is probably true, they were able to script something similar to show min/max stats on items, so we know they have the tools and ability to implement something like this. It depends on whether or not they see the interest in this, and if they decide to devote the time/resources to add it. Sometimes its the little "oh duh" changes like this that the community/players appreciate the most, and I think Blizzard is working on that. That being said, this is an awesome idea for tooltips and would definitely be helpful in testing builds.
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    Simple yet awesome idea. I hope we get it. Well done!

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    Great idea, I hope that it reaches the developers.

    Personally, I think that the skill tooltip information should be automatically modified by your current stats, the way it works in WoW, although I also understand that some people would prefer to see both the original and modified versions. To me that would be information bloat, though.
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    I wondered from day 1 why the tooltips didn't adjust their values for cooldown reduction etc....Seems obvious.

    And while we're at that: I think D3 should feature some kind of in-depth wiki about the game mechanics (proc rates, coefficients etc....). All accessible from in-game.
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    Totally agree that this should be in the game, though it's more involved than most might think.

    As someone said earlier, all of the tool tips are hard coded into the client. That's why when they change skills in a hotfix, they usually say that the tooltip will be updated in the next client patch. This makes having dynamic values for each of the adjustable stats on a skill more involved, as they'd have to change that architecture to support pulling info from the server and updating those values.

    That said. I'd really like to see this implemented, as it's difficult to determine upgrades at the moment without a spreadsheet handy and even doing that requires that you know exactly how all of the values are calculated. It would seem that this feature would follow their design philosophy of making things simple as well.

    Very nice idea though.
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    Knowledge gives you power!

    Hope Blizzard takes notice of your suggestion and implement it.

    Post it on the official forum and give us the link, plz.
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    I would call it "Dynamic Tooltips". :D
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    I hope this idea gets added to the game soon! Very good idea!
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    This is a great idea. So good in fact, It should just be baseline for when you equip an item with cooldown reduction (regardless of advanced tooltips). I think it is needed "more" for people not using elective mode/advanced tooltips anyway because they could easily be less aware of the effects of cooldown reduction and could easily effect their skill choice. Great too with the resource cost i think its great!

    On this same note, does +damage to a skill effect the base skill multiplier like suggested in the image or is it calculated after equipment? If its not calculated in base it would make it very difficult to put in a tooltip.

    edit: didn't notice the resource cost reduction too!
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    This. This. A thousand times, this.

    Also, could we please get a gauntlet like that as the official D3 cursor?
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    Hold CTRL for the original tooltip is better imo.

    The purple numbers already give away that you have something modifying the original values and how often are you going to care about the original values rather than the true one? By default the tooltips should always be showing their true value, changing the numbers to as it is in the pic when modified (from green to purple).

    Quote fromgutpikยปfrom what i understand tooltips on skills are just "image" with fixed text, so to change it blizz will be forced to write scripts that gonna change how frames work, and then another scripts that gonna show actual stats\changes. But knowing Blizz - we not gonna see that implemented. Also there will be much more changes, if you remember that lots of healing skills now heal for X+healing potion % bonus

    That would be some really sorry coding imo. In high school programming you learn to avoid "static" variables in the GUI. Like it's that big of a deal for the buttons to show a different value client side when the server says there's a change. Just replace flat value with the variables for the skills that are clearly there. I swear not being able to mod the UI is really irritating sometimes. The community would have already taken care of this by reading your stats and displaying custom images with floating text over the tooltips when displayed if Blizzard really programmed tooltips to just be stupid images.
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    Am I the only one that feels it should be the other way around? Why not have our skills always show what their current stats are and when we press ctrl we get the basic skill stats.
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