Can a Diablofans.mod please post this or ask Blizzard what the hell happened with monster density!

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    Quote from Kiry

    There was a hotfix today to mob densities for Act 1. Anyone try recently to see if it's better for ya?

    Personally, I can't see where the mob density was fixed. Still looks like pre 1.0.8 to me. 75% of the zones are empty in act 1 mostly. Farming keeps 2 is a lot more efficient then act 1.

    I think monster density can't be lower then it is on live currently. if something I personally think some places still need better mob density, and quite a lot of them in act 3, some act 1 and 2 zones still should get more density. Also I hope legendary drops are bugged, I've found 2 in around 8 hours playing. thats 0.25 legendaries an hours, which is horrible compared to the amount of legendaries in game. And since they're BoA we're gonna have to farm for our own legendaries and I don't wanna farm for 10 years to get a specific drop. But then again it's PTR, it's most likely gonna be buffed, seeing they said legendaries are gonna have 6 times more drop chance then live, I get minimum of 4-5 an hour on live with speed farming, sometimes upto 8-12.
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    Any news on the density by those who know where to look? :P

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    I never had any doubt I was buying RoS until I played the PTR with the lower density. I feel like they did so much to fix the game, but taking away density ruins all of that. Its like I got a brand new suped up sports car but i can only drive it on a straight, flat highway with no traffic. In other words, it is boring. There is no way I buy RoS with the lower monster density. Personally i also wish monster power stayed. Sometimes I want a challenge and master difficulty even with increased monster density would be way too easy.
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    Question: do advanture mode have same monster density with campaign mode?
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    Quote from Saerah4 »
    Question: do advanture mode have same monster density with campaign mode?

    Bounties yes, as they reuse the Campaign maps. The density in Rifts is random, much like everything else in them. I've had short Rifts with very little mobs that I pass through in seconds and I've had ones with enormous density, where you sloooowly make your way to the exit. I'm talking multiple screens full of stuff.

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    Well, the current monster density on the PTR is a joke and I really hope it won't work like this in RoS.

    Doesn't make a lot of sense to test droprates and stuff with lower density tbh...
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    Actually went back to live. Couldn't live without density. QQ
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    The first thing that came to my mind after I read the 1.08 PN is that: BLZ finally found a way to make use of their empty servers.

    So I believe the mob density is not going to be tuned back, until servers are gone empty again sometime in future. However, at least devs can increase the density on high difficulties or in rifts and let us know, to ease our pain.
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    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    Actually went back to live. Couldn't live without density. QQ

    I'm torn in half, because I can't live without my elemental orbs (frozen orb/scorch/spark).
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