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    Name: JuskiReign


    Info: I'm a relatively new streamer, playing vanilla Diablo 3 now (no beta yet sadly), but will play RoS like mad if I get into closed beta, and a ton for sure when it's released. Can't wait! I have a paragon level 100 Wizard, and also leveling my Demon Hunter as well. I'm planning on leveling up Paragon in Hardcore too :) Right now I'm going back and forth between D3 and Hearthstone. I appreciate the add if you would be so kind! Thanks in advance! :)

    Also, excellent upgrade for the site, thank you Molster/overneathe/everyone else at DFans for making this such an awesome community.
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    You're quite welcome! And both of you have been added. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Name: DeathDefier


    Info: Streaming Reaper of Souls Beta, mainly Wizard Barb and Crusader at the moment. Will answer any questions and test out things requested.
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    Name: Eisei


    Info: Streaming Reaper of Souls Beta, Main is Frost Wizard, leveling up Crusader as well. Have 60's of all of the other classes. Any Questions/Animations/Mechanics requested will be looked into. Going for an in-depth testing, questions and effectiveness of builds.
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    Name: Bozhidar aka Benifios


    Info: Hello everyone, I'm from Bulgaria and I am part of Bulgarian society Diablo 3 -
    Mostly Stream Diablo III /PTR / BETA, FIFA, our time of the region is currently +2 comment now is 09:12.
    Excreted mainly in the evening after 19:00, and on weekends I and earlier.
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    hello there,

    i would also love to be added to the list, i basically stream WD contend siNce vanilla's first days and nowadays im all about R.O.S. streaming.

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    Name: TeaKav


    Info: Relatively new to streaming. Currently streaming 2.0 PTR, leveling new characters, finding new legendaries, testing builds, etc. I will be streaming a lot of RoS at launch. I like interacting with viewers, because it makes streaming fun. Feel free to check it out and ask questions if you have any!
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    Name: Bullingen


    Info: Mainly playing Diablo 3 Hardcore co-op with friends (RoS asap). If I am not playing D3 there will be WoW pvp content. Swe/eng stream.

    Thanks :)
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    Name: JmyJi


    Info: Hardcore player only, and currently im playing DH/Barb/wiz lvl 70 On the RoS beta. Im switching somewhat between these classes to test new builds with new legendaries, and i will also be making some videos on my youtube channel wich is linked on my twitch.
    User friendly and always a good tune in the backround:)

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    name: matt

    battletag: mathias#1223

    multi 2.2 WoW dk however orignally hardcore diablo 2 player nowstreaming vanilla d3 0dog mp10 wd and hardcore wd on "loot2.r0s" ptr. professional skateboarder for my day job so i find streaming is lots of fun :) low views but already 30 followers..any help would be appreciated :) used to stream high rated areas, quit wow and played diablo for a very long time since release day but never streamed it. anyways giveaways just about every hour - good items like witching hour too. come chill in an environment where i can actually be myself - bangin dnb tunes, epic lulz, and whatever else comes our way on the road to ros.

    streams just about every day. follow now and check your email often :)
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    Name: Brutality

    Description: Efficient paragon leveling on SC or HC. Free* MP10 Uber Boosts for viewers as per request (not per schedule). I also power level 1-60 in 2h for a fair fee (you decide the price).

    *Read the rules on my stream page.
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    Name: RaVen

    Info: Im a Danish streamer and Im quite new to streaming. Leveling new characters, finding new legendaries and gear, Have 2 P100 characters and lvl my 3'rd character.I play mostly Wizard because it's such fun character to play with.All my gear is Self Found because i think the game will be boring to play very fast if i just vent to the AH and buy some good gear for my character.Its always fun when the next upgrade pops out from the sky :)


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    Name: BroBase

    Streaming MP10 action, 25m giveaway every 50 viewers! Legendary giveaway every 25 followers! Come and hang out, listen to some music, chat with me or other viewers!
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    Name: Mehsiah


    Info: Have been streaming for a little bit here and there. Currently leveling up on Vanilla to get atleast 500 Paragon plus after my previous account had issues. This stream is all about having fun and playing a variety of games, mainly Diablo 3 at the moment. Come join in, ask questions and stay awhile. This is a non-giveaway stream as I am looking to grow a great community away from "only coming in hopes of winning gold etc". I also do not brag about my dps/how great I am and will never make fun at a viewer for his/her gear level. Hope to see you soon!

    *Currently waiting on better Internet to stream crystal clear 720p, its still watchable at the moment.*
    "Get busy living or get busy dieing.." | Youtube/Twitter in the future.
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    Name: KingKongor

    About the stream: This stream is awesome! Come and join our huge family today!
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    Name: Mr Schis


    Stream Info: Streaming vanilla D3. Tons of in game give aways including un id'd legendarys, and gold. Currently paragon leveling with viewers and anyone else that wants to join. No set schedule on in game give aways. Currently paragon leveling ww barb ( once it hits 100 then leveling another barb for more paragon levels. Plan on switching to crusader when ROS comes out and streaming a lot more. Currently the stream is about hanging out and having fun. I love to interact with the chat. Give Aways are for followers only. Plus plan to give a copy of d3 vanilla and d3 ros sometime in the next month.

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    Epic WD gameplay + RoS
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    Name: Mikromanus

    Info: Diablo 3 and Diablo 3 PTR stream. Build testing.

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    Name: Artanix


    Stream Info: Streaming RoS beta going into RoS fully. Going to be streaming away from the norm and trying out strange builds and alternatives away from the cookie cutter builds, and doing timed adventure mode runs for funs. Sense of humour probably required as well.

    UK based streamer/fool.

    Twitch - Twitter - Youtube - Facebook

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    ~Twitch Stream Page Application~
    Name: Fusion

    Twitch Name: FusionStream

    Stream Link: www.Twitch.Tv/FusionStream

    My Official Site: WWW.FusionStreamD3.Com

    Stream Info & Features:Iv'sMadeOne Of The Most Complex And In Depth Loyalty Point System Thats Integrated Specifically To Support Your Diablo3 Economical Status And General Stats. Viewers Have TheOpportunityTo Get rewarded for watching the stream and investing there real life time to be paidin 'Karma', The Streams Currency. Not Only Can This Currency Be Used For Auctions And Raffles That Are Held Every 20 Min On Stream But The Karma Store Will Enable the Viewer To Actually Purchase Items Like UNID Items, Gems, Gold, Runs, Fusion WheelGiveAway"WheelSpin", FullGear-checksAnd More!My Monk Cherish Was #183 In The Entire United States' Monk Community. After the patch hit i decided to try out the DH For A While To Perfect Another Class And Help Out Others Who Are Doing The Same.

    More Info:I'm 31 Years Old, I'm Married And Have Two Awesome Little Boys, One Is 8 And The Other Is 10. I Just Purchased my FirstHomeHere in Colorado And Finally Bought abad-asstruckI'veHad My Eye On For A Long Time Now lol. The Wife Supports My HobbyAndDoesn'tMindAll The Investing i Do With Our Own Money to Make The Stream Worth Every min Of Your Time.I'mA DisabledVeteran Of The IraqWar,I'veSpent 26 Months Out In That desert For this Country And Now I Get Paid BecauseI'mNot Who I Used To BeAnymore iGuess Lol.

    NOTE: I Also Have A VIP SUB System In The Stream That Will Give You Access to The Streams TeamSpeak3 Server As Well As The Ability To Earn Karma At a Rate Of 200% Rather Than 100% Like Normal Viewers Get. VIP's Also Get Access To My Other Diablo 3 Works And TheoryCrafting Material i Make Like For Instance, I just made A New AH Gem Profit/Loss Crafting Calculator As Well As The More In Depth Ruby Vs. Emerald - For your Weapon - Comparing Your Actual Stats To theBreak PointsAnd Hard Cap/Soft Cap Points Giving you The Answer You Need When Trying To Figure OutWhats What.
    NOTE: If You Are New To Diablo With Under 100Hrs Played Please Stop By And Let The Crew Know, When A New Player Enters The Game Like That We Like To Get You Up On Our Level With Giving You All The Gear We Can , Gold, Gems, And Tips For Your Build Etc.

    !Thank You All For Your Time And For Reading This Far Down On The Post. I Look Foward to Being Your New Entertainer!

    - Fusion
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