Diablofans Re-launch Feedback Thread

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    Quote from CherubDown
    Quote from Lonin
    Quote from CherubDown

    Looks like +1ing went away :(

    We'll be adding that back in shortly.

    I would like your post, but... :D Thanks!

    Now you can like away! We've imported the old Likes and enabled the system.
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    Lonin, I have a request: can we get the value to javascript change to plus 1 on click and minus one on click again? It's the small things man. :D
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    Quote from Lonin

    By popular request, we've fattened up the blue post and forum trackers with 6 posts rather than 4.

    Thanks, it was really nice to give us more blue posts/forum tracker, but now this section takes almost half of the screen (and it leaves too little space to the news in my opinion) ! Maybe 5 lines would be the sweet spot !

    Or maybe you could leave it to 6 lines, but remove the "Go to Blizz tracker" and "Go to Forums" buttons (since there are links above for the same thing) and move the "Forum Filter button" somewhere else (next to "Recent Forum Posts" maybe ?). This way, you can remove the line needed for those buttons.
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    I don't know if this is feedback for the "new site" per se... but the front page gets cluttered pretty quickly with pinned posts. I'd suggest phasing out old posts (like the announcement about the crusader forum) and possibly adding 5-10 more threads per page. As it stands, we don't even have 10 "regular" threads on the first page and it's slightly annoying to have to check page two for "new" discussion.... unless posting volume is high, obviously.
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    Don't know if it's been said but the background of the blizzard quotations are not correct, they should be

    .blizzbbcode {

      background: #13181eurl("../images/blizzard-logo-blue.png") no-repeat right top;}
    instead of the red background they have now.
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    What's the number in the blue tracker? Because it's not number of blue posts and it's not total posts :S
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    A few things that came to mind is:

    Perhaps give the pin for pinned subject another color or background to make out stand out more compared to normal topics.

    Blue tracker and recent posts only take up about 2/3 of the width of the page, unless something is planned for that space perhaps widen them a little.
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    Final 1/3 is an ad, turn off your adblocker and support DFans :p
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    Enjoying the site as always, gratz on keeping an amazing pace and on the new site. Cheers 0/
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    I'm glad you expanded the number of blue posts displayed, it really speeds up who quickly someone can find what they're looking for....

    But now I'm kind of baffled by why it feels like my browser is zoomed way in....all the text is huge and it looks like everything is double-spaced and the margins got brought in. I've got to scroll for miles to find old posts now.
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    The marked as read function still doesnt work in the specific forums.
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    The one thing this site is missing is a skill calculator updated for RoS.
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    Seriously, what do the numbers in the blue tracker mean? I just click the lifesteal thread link which has a '3' but there are only 2 blue posts :S
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    I. Is it possible to enter your BattleTag, so that it will show up below your ranking, join date, posts etc.? Although I can show it by signature, I would prefer an official entry within my profile.

    II. I used to navigate through the forums by clicking on the specific higher forums below the opened thread. Is it possible to show the navigation bar below like it was arranged before the update? I am too lazy to scroll up every time I want to change the thread. And no, I would like to avoid clicking on "Back to Top". ;)

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    There doesn't seem to be a way to add users to the ignore list
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    Come on Maka, I'm not that bad.
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    Yes you are, and I wish to put you on the ignore list.

    Seriously, though, it's not working right now.

    Feedback: given!
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    Now check the clans topic.
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    You can no longer search for a particular user by name. At least I couldn't find a way to do so.
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    Quoting seems to be removing line breaks.

    For example:

    Quote from Maka »
    Yes you are, and I wish to put you on the ignore list.Seriously, though, it's not working right now.Feedback: given!

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