Legendary drops off screen in group

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    When I am in a group, and another player kills a mob off my screen (on the other side of the map), is it possible for me to get a legendary from that mob and if so, will a star show up on my mini map?

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    Yes, it is possible. But the real question is: Why are you playing with people who drift far from the group? If you miss a leg because of that then I would not play in that particular group.
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    Happened to me atleast twice. Not sure if it can drop from a group of mobs that you didn't damage at all (or were close to them while being damaged) because usually when it happens it's like when you hit a few mobs then you continue and your friend stays behind and kills a few trash mobs and then you see a star quite far away from you.
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    I mainly ask this to see if it would be efficient for me and another player to say, split up at the top of a map and meet somewhere in the middle for XP and legendary farming for the boosted group xp and mf. we have tried to play together but my crit rend barb steals all the kills and makes it almost impossible for my friends DH build to work because he needs large groups.
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    Nah i'm pretty sure that won't work. If you are too far away, you don't get XP / drops...
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    You only count as "together" and therefore share loot and XP if you are close together. I dont remember exactly, but i think the area is approximately a circle that touches the minimap square from the inside. Try it, it's really small, maybe 1-2 screens away.
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    XP shared is within one and a half screen away from you, as some blue post stated a while back - so stay together!
    I'm not sure if that count with drops though. somebody need to test this! :o
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    Yeah, but not sure whether or not you have to have attacked it or not. But yes in any case, happens now and then.
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    Always check the map before you use a waypoint or portal out.
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    Yes it does happen... I've already went back to the group from town and there's a legendary waiting for me.
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