Looking for Dark D3 pixel shaders

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    Hey guys and gals,

    Due to a hd format I've lost my Dark D3 pixel shaders. I wanted to re-download them, but the site www.darkd3.com seems to be offline (Account Suspended).

    If anyone knows other places to get the shaders, or have the original ZIP downloaded from the dark3d site, please contact me through a PM (or upload it to some file sharing site and provide a link in this thread - this way someone else might benefit this). I believe I've used the 'balanced' setting, however, I'm eager to try the other ones as well.

    Best Regards,
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    Balanced with sharpening:

    Stronger with sharpening:

    Hardcore with sharpening:

    These are original Zip files I downloaded some time ago from darkd3.com. I hope that serves your problem and I won't get banned for uploding those and posting the links here :)

    For people who don't know what darkd3 is... Well, it's basically a fan-made shader that makes the game look darker and sharpens the textures. To install it, you need to download the zip file and extract its content to Diablo 3 folder. Once it done, you start up the game and press Pause/Break on your keyboard to activate it.

    Be warned though, technically using darkd3 filters is forbidden by the developers and you may potentially get banned. However, I have not heard of anyone who was banned because of it and I've been using it since release without any actions taken against my account.
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    Thanks a lot mate! :) I appreciete it very much. Hopfully the darkd3 site will be up soon.

    As to what you said - to be honest, after using these shaders, I cannot imagine going back to the regular Diablo 3 look. It's just so anticlimatic.. I wish only there was a way to swap the music files to the ones from D2. I'm playing mp3's and the feel is soooo much better :).

    Also, on 13th May 2012, Jay Willson twitted:
    TOS against mods is so we can ban cheaters. I agree DarkD3 is not a cheat...yet. As long as it is not a cheat, no ban is likely.

    Source: https://twitter.com/...726183740686336

    There is no way to be certain, but I believe that we are ok for now. I've been using DarkD3 since it's inception and wasn't banned. But that's me. I just might be lucky. If you wish to use these shaders, use them on your own risk.
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    I was happy to help you, mate :)

    Have fun slaying the minions of Hell :)
    "What is dead, should stay dead"
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    Just so you know, the site is working for me. Try it again.
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