Diablo 3 Ladder: Build Analysts & Ladder Position

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    Hi folks,

    I've made some further updates to http://www.diablo3ladder.com which will list the most popular builds in HC/SC (all data cached in 1hr intervals).


    The page above ranks the top 10 heroes for HC/SC as well as positioning the top 10 players for each build. Each character sheet has been updated to show that characters build position as well as an overview of other players with similar builds (might be useful to find other's who play with similar builds)

    I'm looking to populate the database with active players so that we can get a good overview of what everybody is playing with, so please import your battle.net to help make an up to date database of players (no registeration required - just pop your battle.net account into the home page form or to the left column, thanks! :) )

    Hope you folks like the new additional functionality to the site. I'm still excited with the forthcoming updates to the game and will be making further updates to the site leading up to new patches/updates/expansion.

    Feedback is welcome, let me know if you have any questions or wanting some extra updates added to the site.
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