Diablo III: I remember when...

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    Quote from Henno

    Why do you guys keep on reminding all this annoying stuff? It wasnt fun, its not nostalgic. Stop posting this crap.

    Some of it was annoying. Enrage timers, those sucked. Like, don't apply an enrage timer if I don't know long I have before getting one-shot. I remember when legendary and set items didn't have a beam...wasn't annoying, but you gotta admit...seeing a beam is pretty friggin nice. Even if it's a crappy legendary or set or a just key, seeing a beam is awesome and I'm glad those items do that.

    Then again, I do miss when Reflect Damage was an always-on buff for bad guys. I do kinda sorta miss Invulnerable Minions, they were really hard, but they definitely encouraged people to use more single-target skills to ace a rare champion fast to get rid of his guards. Slayerviper mentioned sword and board for Barbs, that'll most likely be coming back after Loot 2.0 and the expansion both help Shields become way more viable.

    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    When I first got Disintegrate - Convergence, and I was in the Keep Depths and I laughed like a maniac for a good half hour.

    I remember when I got Chaos Nexus for the first time, and it spawned like 8 or 9 tendrils off my Wizard...instantly became my favorite Disintegrate rune...though I absolutely want to find good uses for the others, love Disintegrate.
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    I remember when getting in a group was discouraging, because of insane HP & DMG bonuses to monsters...

    I remember when inferno was like playing mp2.5-3 all the time, and only way to play a range class was to go full glass canon.
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    Not really something that was removed but it was changed because of a patch:

    I remember when Stormshield was the best item for a Barbarian and sold for 75m. When 75m was actually a lot of gold.
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    I remember when people were paragon levelling to 100 by killing witchdoctor pets in pvp without even sitting at their computers ..
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    Enrage timers on Elite mobs
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    I remember when a party of 4 Monks were able to have unlimited invulnerability with the Serenity exploit.

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    I remember when demon hunters didn't have hatred generators.
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    I remember how excited I was when I saw the first gameplay footage of the PvP arena back then in.. 2011 or something.
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    I remember when Arcane Enchanted mobs spawned hydras:

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    I remember when we had a talisman.

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    I remember the barb charge bugg @ Ghom. Gold farms and goblin farms. DHs were awesome, the rest kind of sucked.
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    I remember the time before Paragon and infernal is just well, infernal alright. Omstead of all DPS, we really need to mind if the character survive at all ( and hardcore can be too exciting )
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    I remember when the EXP exploit from turning in the Zoltan Kulle quest multiple times allowed people to get to level 60 insanely quickly.

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    Running around solo with one of the top DPS AH weapons in HC inferno...a 550ish DPS one hander.

    Just dug up an old RIP thread of mine in the official forums, I think I was the first to post a lvl 60 death over there back in May 2012.


    Things have changed....a lot.
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    Quote from bokkkie

    I remember when getting in a group was discouraging, because of insane HP & DMG bonuses to monsters...

    I remember when inferno was like playing mp2.5-3 all the time, and only way to play a range class was to go full glass canon.

    Inferno pre-nerf in terms of mob dmg was harder than even mp10. Even more so when considering average gear levels of then vs now.

    Anyway, I miss using the cat tree in ponies the first week the game was out and all the great items that still had collision. All so we could farm without being hit.
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    I remember when I paid 700 000 for a blue weapon with ~700 dps. It got my dps past 40k and allowed me to kill Diablo on Inferno.
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    I remember when bosses had fatality skills and some cool death animations - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4nGdOiGvqc

    I remember when I used to magic find gear swap just before an elite died.

    I remember when poison hydra's pools would stack on each other

    I remember when hardcore banners looked cooler..
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    I remember when wizards could run Inferno with 4K HP with the original Force Armor, it was s—

    Wait! I don't remember. I never got to use that build :(
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    I remember the level of rage there was at launch. It was... superb.
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    I remember when Runes were going to be tiered/have Ranks and be similar to gems

    I remember having my snake/bat/pig follower scroll thing, picking up all my gold and then Blizz decided to remove it to make pickup radius more beneficial...

    I remember when i used to see a lot more dfans mods/news guys/wiki people around these forums prerelease (Ophion, PhrozenDragon, Don_guilletine, ScyberDragon, Sixen etc) - these guys helped get me really excited for D3 everyday when I was but a lurker in these parts..
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