Forum Guidelines (8-19-2012)

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    General Information

    If you have any questions regarding reporting posts, posting images, the rules, the posting ranks, the different staff members, or just about anything else, please read over this post first. It has been meticulously written to address the most common issues members ask about. If you have any further questions, please post a thread in the Site Suggestions and Questions Forum.

    Reporting Posts

    Administrators, Managers, and the Moderation Team try to patrol as much of the boards as possible, but can't read it all. If you find a post that is inappropriate, report it and they will look into it as quickly as possible. Do not involve yourself. It's simple and keeps you out of flame wars and out of trouble.

    Do not, under any circumstances, publicly discuss moderation about threads, members, social groups, visitor messages, albums, and/or blogs in any public venue. PM Daemaro if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

    For more information on the report-a-post function, please read here.

    Site Guidelines

    Staff Discretion
    We operate on a basis of staff discretion, what this means is not all moderators or staff members will act exactly the same to certain situations. We are not machines and for the most part are volunteers. These are the site guidelines, they obviously cannot cover every situation, but if you post something not directly covered here and we still feel like it's against the spirit of the thread or the forums we can and will remove it.

    However if you do feel that it was wrongly removed then PM Daemaro about the situation and he will review it.

    Warnings and Infractions
    In general most offenses will either issue a one point infraction, though not limited to, or a warning which doesn't add to your infraction bar, it merely serves as a notification to you that it's not okay to continue the action and it is kept logged for staff to view when dealing with you in the future.

    Automatic actions will be taken at certain amounts of infraction points:
    • Four points is a three day suspension.
    • Six points is a week suspension.
    • Eight points is a two week suspension.
    • Ten points is a permanent ban.

    Trolling & Flaming
    This section should be very self explanatory, DiabloFans operates on general common sense netiquette. We will not tolerate threads made solely to complain or any kind of ridiculous trolling (posts made to provoke a person or a group of people).

    Do not make personal attacks against another user based on anything and do not flame. Personal attacks will not be taken lightly.

    Sometimes discussion steers threads into a different direction than the original post. That is fine. What is not fine is purposely entering a thread and steering it in a different direction to derail it. If you enter a thread about how great kittens are and start telling everyone kittens are terrible and puppies are better, that is derailing. On the same line of thinking though, if you enter a thread about how bad a puppy is and you wish it would stop making messes in the floor and someone comes in and says puppies are fine you're a moron, that's also not okay.

    Remember to not take part and report it instead, it will keep you out of trouble.

    We do not allow trading of in game items for real cash, unless within the bounds of the RMAH when it is launched. You can make people aware of your RMAH trades by posting a picture of it, they can then search their regional RMAH to find the exact item if they wish, for example. No trading trough paypal or anything similar.

    Do not bump your trade thread more than once every 12 hours. If there is interest in your item people will see it and bid, you won't need to bump it endlessly.

    If you wish to advertise your own or someone else's youtube channel,stream, and or website PM Daemaro about it first. It will then be discussed with other members of the staff and a decision will be made. We will not allow more than one thread per channel or site. We reserve the right to refuse for any reasons we choose and are not obligated to explain them. We will never allow advertisement to sites for monetary gain, only ones providing meaningful discussion for our members and relevant topics.

    If anyone posts any links to any leveling, gold, auction house, or economy guides of the sort that are not free and have any sort of strings attached or monetary gain behind them, you will be banned, possibly without warning. This includes links in posts, links in your profile, links in your signature, links in reported PMs, or anywhere else. This also includes linking to your blog, facebook, myspace, a youtube video or anything else that provides links to where someone would be selling a guide.

    If you are making a guide to help people or just to show friends, whatever, that is fine. I repeat though, if you're charging for your expertise on the matter, you will be banned. This is not a site to advertise on.

    The use of videos and excessively animated (read: seizure-invoking) images within signatures is prohibited. Do note that you are allowed to use animated images, just not ones that are obscenely animated.

    Language Barrier
    Note that this is primarily an English community. Posting in public forums (as well as status updates) in languages other than English is considered spam and will be removed. Private manners, such as PM's and wall comments are allowed, as long as both parties are in agreement.

    Software Piracy and Illegal Activities
    Do not post about trading Blizzard accounts or CDKeys, or the selling of items. Do not post about Blizzard or Activision piracy, we will not tolerate either. As far as other games go... Don't ask, don't tell.

    Account Sharing and Key Selling.
    We do not allow either of these. Sharing an account will get the post deleted or thread closed and possible a warning. Selling a key will get your post deleted or thread closed, a warning, and maybe even a ban.

    Staff Guidelines

    These are the behavior guidelines we intend to hold our staff members to. If they violate these, please contact the staff member's manager or an administrator. If you are interested in being a Staff member, please understand that you will be held to stricter standards than the rest of the community.
    • Staff members are official representatives of DiabloFans and DiabloWiki and should act accordingly. For this reason, staff members must never be found threatening the integrity of the staff team by breaking any of our regular rules (see above).
    • Since staff members are representatives of the site they are entitled the respect that comes with that responsibility. If any user shows flagrant disregard or disrespect for a moderator performing their duties please let an administrator know.
    • Staff members should never carry out personal agendas with their privileges. If you feel there is a conflict of interest, please report the post or contact a manager or administrator.
    • Reported Posts should be responded to as promptly as possible. Staff members should try to follow reported problems back to where they started and take the appropriate actions.
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