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Is anyone still playing this game?.

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    First of all, the purpose of this thread is not to flame anyone/anything, but it's more like I'm just curious and since everyone I know left the game, and every single friend totally forgot about D3.. I don't know' if anyone is playing it anymore.

    The last time I played it was a couple of weeks ago, I could tolerate it for 35 mins, then I got bored of the yellow rain and just altf4'ed.

    So, is anyone actively playing this game on a regular basis?.

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    Seeing all of the coming changes to itemization has pretty much killed the game for me.

    I don't want to grind for a 6 CC Mempo, I want to grind for a legendary that makes gold rain from the sky.

    Also, Frozen Orb.

    There's simply too much awesome on the way to be satisfied right now.

    Also really looking to get into ladder, almost exclusively, so yeah, REALLY no point for me now, heh. Going to be a brutal 6-12 months...
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    I currently have only a few small carrots pulling me to D3 and none are item related.. which is sad for a loot based game.

    The main carrot Paragon levelling since it will be beneficial when loot 2.0/RoS hits..
    However after doing 1 run of about 30mins, I am just bored of the grind and log off and play something like Dota 2 or Fifa 14.

    I am having a rest at the moment but am keeping a close eye on updates/Blizzcon
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    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    Seeing all of the coming changes to itemization has pretty much killed the game for me.

    i used to play almost every day , till RoS datamined stuff ... now im just waiting
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    I'm playing some hardcore, almost daily and i'm waiting for a friend to catch up with me; he died a couple of times already while leveling up <.

    When i heard about Paragon 2.0, i started grinding my Wizard from 5 to 50 paragon, but got bored; i ran out of juice.
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    After I geared my barb and easily do mp10 runs without spend billions of gold (I have nearly 50kk now and 50kk on gear on him), I leveled WD and Arcanist, put some nice gear and having fun trying builds around, nothing like paragon 100 or legendary grind. Just casting some spells and stuff.

    I'm glad I can swap skills any time, or it gets boring as hell to play any of my characters.
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    I play in spurts of 3-4 weeks every couple of months. I get a little burnt out and move to something else. I'm currently in the middle of trying to get my barb geared enough to do MP5 and then I'll try for my first Hellfire ring.

    I'm not playing every day, and only a couple hours on the days I do, but I'm far from done.
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    Sorry can't hear you over GTAV =D
    ^ YouTube.Com/IceBleuGaming ! It's a thing! Check it oooout!
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    every day for at least 8-10 hours.
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    I play for about 30-60 minutes a day. Want to get 100% achievements and all five classes paragon 100 by March and I have no motivation to get there sooner than later...
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    I've been playing about 2 hours a day. But since completing my last 100 I'm taking a break from the game.
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    Quote from Bleu42

    Sorry can't hear you over GTAV =D

    I just picked up a copy myself. Actually, a customer of mine gave me a copy as a tip. Been playing it quite a bit ever since. Still find myself on D3 at least an hour or two a day though.
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    I am playing Terraria.

    Two reasons :

    1 : The announcement of the ladder made it clear that anything I do now will only affect non lader. Which I will not play. So anything I do now is just wasting time.

    2 : The announcement of removing the AH leaves me unsure if I even want to continue to play this game.
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    BF4 open beta tonight so i'll be to busy with it to play D3. + Ladder is coming so no point.
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    I play 1 to 3 hours each day (when I don't have connection issues)
    I still have many goals to accomplish, usually find a worthy upgrade or two in a month for one or another of my 10 active characters, just found my 2nd set item, have yet to fight an "uber" boss let alone crafting an infernal ring.
    Unfortunately I cannot play HC otherwise I'll have many more things to do.
    Oh, I play SP self found till release.
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    After the RoS announcement, many of my friends got interested in D3 again. None of us is worried about ladder/AH/whatever crap, but just want to enjoy the game for the time being before the "overhaul" comes. I even managed to draw a friend back into D3 who has never got to 60 (left frustrated at some point in Hell during leveling).

    As the weather outside gets worse and the summer is over, I'll be playing more regularly (as work permits). Been playing 2-3 times a week a couple of hours, whenever my friends are online (don't enjoy solo that much).
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    I still have it installed and play sometime, though I wouldn't call it "regularly". Maybe 3-4 hours per week, a couple of mp10 runs in Monk+WD+SNS+DH combo. I don't see much point in either lvling or MFing because I'll most likely play ladder. And its too boring solo
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    Nope, I haven't played for real for a long time.
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that many people stopped playing after such a long time. This is a just an ARPG after all.

    The important thing though is that players are still excited for it and for the upcoming expansion. As long as players are willing to come back and looking forward it I think the game achieved everything you could ask for.
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    I so want to, but motherboard died a month ago. I just changed it and the video card instantly died. Wtf man? :/

    Ha. Bagstone.

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