Loot 2.0 and AH Removal... my thoughts

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    Ok, I have been around Diablo since the original, played a good amount of D2, and tons of D3.

    I also played WoW from Vanilla into Cataclysm. I raided regularly, and enjoyed the old challenges of WoW where not everyone got the bosses down, and having 3 or 4 pieces of Epic gear meant something,...not where everyone can get the Epic loot for doing nothing, like it turned into.

    Diablo is going down the WoW road with Loot 2.0 and the AH removal... and the Console version is the perfect showcase of this.

    In the beginning of the PC version of D3, it took a few hours/days of loot/gold grinding to get my characters ready for the next level of difficulty, especially to move from one act to the next in Inferno. I enjoyed the challenge, every new drop that you could either sell for a bit of gold or equip was exciting, it got you closer to moving past the next barrier of advancement.

    Fast forward to the Console version... I am playing a Wizard on "Medium", which is a normal/mp3 equiv. I get Legendaries regularly, I havnt put alot of time in, but with the exception of the Diablo fight in Nightmare mode where I just needed to gem up my health, I have not even had an issue with a fight. I am in act 3 Inferno, and have not even had to retry a boss fight more than 2x to complete them. When I beat the game on Inferno, I will bump the difficulty, but really, the first time thru I shouldnt pwn every enemy in sight, I shouldnt already have 116k DPS, and 45k health.. I should have to work and grind to get that!

    This is what Loot 2.0 and the AH removal will do to the PC version. It takes all the loot hunt fun out of the game! Its turning it into why I quit WoW, Welfare Loot, everyone gets legendaries, No one has to work to get good gear... No need to worry about trading, you will get all the gear you want. I have found 2 set patterns, 2 other Legendary recipesabout 15 yellow BS patterns, 8 JC patterns, including 3 of the Marquise. I have a 1400 socketed 1h weapon that dropped at the end of HELL...

    For those that say I could be lucky... I will point out that my 7 year old son, is halfway thru act 3 in Nightmare mode, doing it all self found, no help from dad, and he is just mowing down the bosses and packs like nothing, granted he is playing on "easy", but seriously, he is only dying when he doesnt get out of the fire or arcane beams.

    Everyones QQ about how the AH ruined the game, and how you cant find gear, get ready, you will get what you want, but sadly, after the initial excitement of the good drops in the start of the game wears off you will realize that all replayability is GONE.

    Just my opinion, I enjoy d3 as it is now on the PC, challenging and a reason to play to get that better loot, whether to equip on my main, give to an alot or sell on the AH to build my gold stacks to buy better gear if needed, there is a PURPOSE to play. I have seen the future of D3 via the console, and it makes me realize that Blizzard has caved again just like it did with WoW, and dumbed another game down for the masses.
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    Please keep in mind that Loot 2.0 does not equal to console D3. The console is geared towards more casual game play, it's expected that people put less time and effort into it (on average), thus everything is way easier. There was even a bluepost about that, IIRC.

    Like you said, just your opinion. I do not agree, but I respect your opinion (though I'd encourage you to wait how Loot 2.0 on PC turns out in the end, I really doubt it's gonna be just like on console).

    P.S.: Although I know every parent should decide for their own how to bring up their kids, I know that I would not let my 7 year old play console games (especially not a game that's, afaik, rated 17+).
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    No one has to work to get good gear...

    Don't you think something is broken in your way to see what a game is ?
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    Some of the loot 2.0 ideas have been implemented into the console game, the increased power of legendaries, the frequency of drops, etc. Even if it is geared more for casuals, its showing how easy it is to get the gear and overpower the fights.

    I have completed all the Belial and Azmodan achievements on my way thru Inferno , those should not be easy things to do. I pop Archon and melted Azmodan without even having to move. Yes, its on Normal difficulty, but Its still shows the dumbing down of Diablo that is coming. This follows the track record of Blizzard with what they did with WoW, making it so the masses can do everything in the game.... all the way to the "end game".

    As for my son playing the game, I agree it is up to each parent to decide, my wife and I have decided that this is more of an arcade type of bashing blowing up stuff... to be honest, its a more complex version of the Skylanders games, which he has played for countless hours and you bash/kill/blow up the enemies... Diablo just has a darker theme, and alot of cartoon blood/gore.
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    Didn't they increase all the stat max roles for console? I'm not aware that it has been announced that the same will happen for PC, where the focus is more on reducing the ranges?
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