New Stream - HC Self Found Speedrun 1-60 (norm-hell)

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    Just wanted to share my new stream

    Hardcore Only Stream

    Playing Hardcore Self Found Speedruns from level 1 - 60 (normal - hell) as fast as possible.

    Currently 2 deaths:
    Demon Hunter (Level 59) - Played time: 12h
    Barbarian (Level 48) - Played time: 7h 9m

    Self Found definition: "New Ladder requirements"
    Starting with 0 Gold!
    Vendor allowed!
    No items from other players
    No items from Stash
    No items from own heroes

    Going to start a Monk Speedrun today (between 8-9pm (CEST))

    See you in stream ;)
    DIII RoS Hardcore Torment Stream
    English and German chat
    Come and Enjoy the music :)
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