Level 1 to Paragon level 100 in 34 hours

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    Hey guys

    Ever since the information about the global Paragon system get released, there haven't been much else to do in the game, other then leveling characters in preparation.

    So i thought i could share what i have been doing towards this goal.

    1:The festering woods (for valor stacks)
    1.5: If we only got 2-3 stacks in woods, we go Leoric mansion for 1-2 stacks
    2: The Fields of Misery
    2.5: If The Decaying Crypt and/or Scavengers Den spawns, clear them out (always made sure we had 5 stacks before doing so)
    3: Repeat

    Doing this run with a geared group, you can gain 350-400 mil xp per hour on average

    Some "Pros" for doing this act1 run

    - You can get 5 stacks in Festering Woods very fast (sometimes even 6stacks: 2 elites in Crypts, 3 elites outside + 1 out of 2 random Events)
    - You can get +1 stack very easy in fields of misersy (random chest outside - "the old man" + chest in random dungeons)
    - You got a decent chance to find ether 'Scavengers Den' or "Decaying Crypt" (both are awesome for exp/hour)
    - All Mobs in fields are pretty fast (you can pull them all together with a wd using locust swarm - pestilence rune)
    - Inside the "Decaying Crypt" you can make all those female zobies double or even tripple spawn using locust swarm - pestilence rune (afik they spawn 3 3 2 1 zobies and yes they all give exp + loot)
    - 95 % of the Mobs (except trees and beastes myb will die to a decent stacked crit rend of 2 or 3 barb in a 4 man Party)
    - The map layout is always the same in fields (easy team coordination)

    Group composition: 3x WW/Rend barbs + 1x puller Which doctor

    Reasons for a WD

    - To kill elites to get to 5 stacks very fast (use fire bats + Voodoo+ Mass Confusion/hex 20%dps + Soj)
    - To lure all Mobs together in fields of misery using locust swarm - pestilence rune + place your Voodoo im big packs
    - To make all those female zobies in the decaying crypt double or even tripple spawn using locust swarm - pestilence rune

    Reason for barbs

    - To find all those elite outside the crypts in Festring Woods very fast ( barb is most effective due to perma Speed buffs)
    - To freez the elite with a cold soj while in festering woods (they wont run out of the wd's bat range that fast + mass dps)
    - To kill all the trash the wd lured together using rend with massive crit dmg and crit chance up to 93 %

    So onwards to the video showing how its done, and proof for my claim in title

    Diablo 3: Level 1 to Paragon level 100 in 34 hours, featuring a average 405mil xp per hour run @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEyZKTq5-vk
    (showing gear and build at the end of the video)

    I picked this "only 3 stacks in woods" video to avoid the accusations for a cherry picked run.
    You can top out at over 450mil xp per hour in single runs, if you are lucky...

    I would also like to add that its even possible to do it quite a bit faster faster then 34 hours. I was playing mostly solo in the start, and that slowed me down.. I would guesstimate ~30 hours is possible with the right "know how" and group.

    If anyone have any comments or questions, feel free to ask :)
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    very decent group combo (just elites dying bit slow at start), probably would work with just 1 barb + wd
    you can get 3-5 stacks in fesetering afaik, never saw 6th pack/event
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    Nice vid!

    Unfortunately, not everyone likes to play barb, and not everyone has your equip. This vid is just a dream for 99% of players :-(

    We did exactly the same thing tonight, with wiz/DH/monk (270/270/120 unbuffed DPS) on MP7 and ended up at ~110m XP per hour. According to this thread, we weren't even that bad (we're a group of casuals not really looking for efficiency).

    I have to say though that I'm really tempted to revisit my barb again...
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    34 hours to 100 is crazy. My second barb took 68 hours but that was all solo and I didn't use rend.
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    Quote from RasAlgethi24

    34 hours to 100 is crazy. My second barb took 68 hours but that was all solo and I didn't use rend.

    Yea the strength of this route is really to have a WD to pull all the mobs for you in fields, so you can just run behind him, and keep constant damage output while moving..

    It was when i was leveling my second barb we started to play around with this setup around halfway through to 100.. it ended up at 54 hours total.

    My next barb (4th) i gonna try to come in under 30 hours :)
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    *double post*
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