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    I bought the game on Xbox360 so my wife and I could play together, (played PC since launch) and we just got to 60 last night. Then I noticed that I was getting xp towards paragon, and she wasn't.
    So my question is, do you need to have a Gold Membership on xboxlive to get paragon? Can anyone confirm this before I pay for a second xbox live account?
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    I have the PS3 version so I'm not sure how the whole "profiles" thing works on xbox, but paragon is now shared for all characters on an account instead of each character having their own plvl.

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    Ya, the characters are on seperate accounts.
    Blizzard needs to update the D3 site for consoles, as right now it's useless.
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    Dude, console? rly...
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    She gets paragon XP, it just is not displayed. Check her charackter stats in the menu. If you scroll down to the bottom with all that bonus xp and mf stats you can check her actual XP by moving the cursor to the experience tab and looking at the additional info box.
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