Farming Treasure Goblins on Console

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    Hi. I've played Diablo 3 on PC and recently bought it on console. When I play console, I go for achievements. One of the achievements they kindly added to the game is "Greed over Need", which some of you may know tasks you with killing 100 treasure goblins.

    Now, obviously simply playing through the game 4 times is not going to net you this achievement. So, where should I go to farm these? I don't care about loot or anything. I can farm them on normal or any other difficulty. All I need is the location of a spawn near a waypoint.

    Can anyone help with this? I've tried searching online and find nothing helpful. It's all stuff from summer 2012 which was hotfixed to no longer work.
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    was hotfixed to no longer work.

    You answered your own question.
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    Wow thanks for not being helpful at all. I'm asking what the best way to do it is now considering the old farming methods don't work. I can't believe I actually have to state that.

    I figure people who've been playing the game for over a year may have a better idea than me where to go about farming this nowadays. One person has the achievement unlocked on Xbox but he doesn't say how he did it. It's possible to farm, obviously. did he do it?
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    Get a and you're done.
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    That achievement has always been in the game, why do you think its a new one?
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    I said they added it to the console game - that does not imply that it was not in the PC version. I even typed "as some of you may know." Why are you even posting that? How is that relevant? Who cares if it's in the game or not on PC.

    Well, that's not true. I care. I actually post this on a PC forum because presumably there may be some people here who went and farmed this recently.
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    I think asking for a goblin near a waypoint is not going to get you far. As you stated yourself, those convenient spots have been patched for quite a while. From personal experience I would suggest doing something like an Alkaizer run, maybe focussing on the smaller maps. For instance you could take the Azmodan checkpoint, run back to the WP, do a circle in the tower and then finish in keeps level 3. All 3 areas are rather short and predictable and should have a decent goblin spawn rate as well as elites, so you might consider doing it in Inferno to make it a nice farming experience.
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    wow OP, you are a little snappy...

    I've played D3 since release and the first poster was right, all of the farming spots have been hotfixed out of the game. AFAIK the puzzle ring one of the other guy posted isn't available to console, so.. long and short, there is no quick and easy way to get this one.
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    Ask for help, gets mad at every one. Hmpfh. Was going to tell you a epic way to farm goblins.. But no.
    "Tried the adventuring life. Didn't care for it. Too much pain, not enough profit." - Vidar the Collector

    Number 1 DH in Crit dmg @ World. Working for NR 1 in life aswell!
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    Id say your best bet is vault of assassins. lots of elites and the chance for 2 goblins.

    so even if you donĀ“t care about loot you will likely get alot of it, making your farming even faster :)

    thats just off the top of my head tho, someone might have a better zone in mind.

    other zones in act 2 that also may spawn and are fairly small are the black canyon mines and the sewers
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    Snappiness is exciting.

    Thanks for the help, friends. Any other suggestions?

    And as I said, someone who first played the game a few days ago has this achievement less than a day after completing Inferno for the first time. They must have farmed it somehow - I just want to figure out how.
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    There's no real way to "farm" this. You just gotta play the game. There are no known guaranteed goblin spots anymore ;)

    A Puzzle Ring will help, but even to get that you'll need to just farm normally.

    And there's your answer.

    edit: they could've gotten it by "hacking". Don't worry too much about others in the console version, really.
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    Then how do players get this hours after completing Inferno for the first time (and spending less than a day in Inferno total)? They must be doing something. I know there's no guaranteed spawns...but there must be something more than "just play the game."
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    ive got more than 500 hours of playtime and i can guarantee that even doing the runs mentioned above MAY not get you any fast goblin kills. even those routes are still same as legendary drops: rng. so it might result in 2 goblins a day or 10 per hour, no matter if you play through whole acts or just those short routes through small maps.

    same goes for events: ive done hundreds of runs in act 1 and encountered the "hanging tree" event for the FIRST time last week. three times since then....

    but a hundred goblins is not a very large achievement, even a rather casual player should be able to get it in a few weeks by just playing the game and maybe completing other achievements or farming
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    I want to finish the game in 1 week, not a few weeks. And yes, RNG is RNG, but out of 7 people who have killed Diablo on Inferno on Xbox, 3 of them have 100 treasure goblins. The chances of that happening without farming? Basically zero. You'd have to get a treasure goblin on practically every section of the game all the way to the end.

    No, they farmed them somehow and it was effective, not 2 in 10 hours.
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    there was a trick with the puzzle ring i think, but i don't really remember how it work, you might check yourtube for that... it was in the caves en weeping i think.... just look for "diablo 3 puzzle ring trick" or something like that in youtube
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    Any old farming route that is popular would give you similar results to a "goblin farming route".

    During my Act 1 runs I usually see three or so. =/ And that's over the span of an hour. So that's only (lol) about 33 hours give or take a few.

    My route is:

    Festering Woods

    Fields of Misery

    Cemetery of the Forsaken

    The Weeping Hollow
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    Dude, calm down and take it easy.

    WE DONT KNOW any easy routes. PC gamers are not into goblin hunting. They are not part of our paragon/MF runs.

    You should go ask them next time, how they got 100 goblins...

    My advice is, instead of stressing, take it easy make another charactar, do the other achivemens and you will get more than 100 goblins. Dont stop, just keep moving.
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    Do the vault of assassins in act 2. Lots of elite packs, so a decent chance to get a goblin. Can clear the whole thing in minutes.
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    I'm not uppity. I don't need to calm down. I may sound hostile but, rest assured, I am not in reality. I simply want to put down the idea that there is no farming method because obviously there is one. If you don't know what it is, that's fine. I understand it's not something you actively seek.

    But it's apparent that such a thing does exist. Too many people have it in too short a time. The key is finding it.

    I'll do some Vault of the Assassins runs.
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