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    There were many awesome topics about loot and introducing mystic, but i want to show you my look on it.

    Before talking about Mystic i want to speak about some diablo3 loot.
    As for me there should exist new type of dropable (from killed monsters) items:
    1. JEWELS – jewel is magic or rare socketable item. Its properties are random. (maybe give some legendary jewels^^)

    2. RUNES – each rune is different, each one can be socketed into item. Its kind of magic stone imbued with ancient horadric magic. Some say there exist a way to combine them.
    3. Runes have a chance to drop from HELL difficulty, some only on Inferno, and some only on high MP, the highest tier of them cant be dropped, must be obtained by combinig other runes.


    5. not a new item, but a RULES counting towards all of them
      • we have a choice – unsocketing item makes jewel/rune destroyed

      • when we want jewel back we need to salvage item in smithery. Engraved Skill Runes aren't recoverable. But item still can be disenchanted out of it.

      • All items created by mystic are Account Bounded!

    I will start out of point 3 - New Mystic needs materials out of wchich she will produce stuff. Those items should be something new in addition to actual ones. Source of them i see on battlefield – slained monster bodies. Specific monster affixes i would associate with materials in some groups:
    1. Pure element essence – drop from monsters with affixes:
      • Desecrator

      • Electrified

      • Mortar

      • Molten

      • Frozen

      • Fire chains

      • Arcane enchanted

      • Plagued

    • Demonic Muscle
      • Shield - removed affix, if would come back
      • Waller
      • Knockback
      • Damage reflect
    • Fangs of damned
      • Horde
      • Avenger
      • Fast
    • Burning Feather
      • Vortex
      • Jailer
      • Missile dampening
    • Brain fragments
      • Teleporter
      • Illusionist
      • Nightmarish
    • Vial of blood
      • Vampiric
      • Extra Life
      • Health Link
    • Vital Essence – NOT associated with any affix [pulsing light closed in bottle or jar]
    Seven is the number of new materials. 6 and 7 are numbers that will follow many of my ideas.
    6 is perfect number in maths, but in bible its opposite to godly number 7, 7-1=6, 6 is unfull, meaning of it - all below 7 isnt perfect;) Back on topic:

    Chance to drop a material from monster:
    • Champion or Rare monsters have affixes associated with proper materials – so on each difficulty depending on the number of elite affixes you have bigger chance to found one!
    • Values for normal monster and unique monster drop chances are for Pure Element Essence, Drop chance for Demonic Muscle, Fangs of Damned, Burning Feathers, Brain fragments, Vial of Blood are 1/2 of those
    • Vital Essence can drop for any monster with chance 10 times lower than showed in table
    • Each Nefalem Valor gives you 10% cumulatively to find material
    • (e.g player playing MP 5 encountered unique monster, he had 3 NV stacks, his current chance to find material is 15% + 3NV*10%/NV*15%=19,5%)
    Now i would introduce mystic. She cames from Caldheum and now we know he got some magical knowledge. Also she had found passion in improving items with essence of other ones or even essence of live (currently dead) beeings. She got deep knowledge about magic and learned few secrets of long forgotten Horadric Cube. As we found out she is in possesion of one!
    At interface of her shop we can found four Tabs (1st and 4th are available from start):
    1. First Tab contains Horadric Cube! (3x3=9 places is enough in my opinion)

    2. Tab with place for one item – Mystic purifies it making it clear white item, cost of 6 Pure element essences (easy foundable as there is most elite affixes that can lead to it) (again 6 essences + 1 item=7)

    3. Tab with place for two items: a rare/magic and a purified jewel (white) – Mystic takes essence of an item and shifts it into jewel. Newly created jewel has 10% of items statistics rounded to closest proper value (think about ls? It will range from 0,1 to 0,3%)
    4. I dont think those values will be mega unbalanced, as for sacraficing item with 300 str 300 vit 80 AR, 12% hp, 50% cd and 10%cc amulet we will gain 30 str and 30 vit jewel, with 8 AR, 1,2% bonus hp, 5%cd and 1%cc. Those who want sacrifice so many perfect/high roled items will be rewarded with account bound nice jewels.

    5. A leveling tab - we need some materials and funds to let mystic upgrade her parlevoir (also note that 4 tabs and 3 levels of mystic advancment = 7 (4 is an earth, 3 is a heaven)

    I have many of ideas that comes with that cube, many of them from d2, but as for now i will tell about only those connected with my crafting materials
    1. Materials can be combined with themselves. Any 6 of materials will create 1 random piece but other than you had put into.
    2. Putting into six of each one of materials gives you 1 piece of Vital Essence
    3. Putting into one of each of those six materials create a chaos orb – usable item. Put it into Cube with any rare/magic item and it will reroll its properties! Or go without depth and just place an item and mentioned materials and press mix;)
    4. Place purified item and up to 6 RUNES to engrave their power into an item!!!!!! Thats one my favourite parts:) RUNEWORDS (beautifull shiny silver name) – proper combination of runes and basic item gives us something legendary (note: not any item currently available) Also some of new materials may be used here, as a payment for using mystics skills.
    5. Runeword „Recipes” can be found worldwide as a LORE BOOKS. They tell the story of an item, the runic word can be slightly encrypted in this text:) (Idea about lore books with runic words isnt mine, i found it here on diablofans in one comment, dont remember whos one but i really loved it)
      Also loving this part because it solves all problems with creating items with special sockets or normal sockets but in number greater than 1. Still runes can be pushed in normal sockets or engraved into item white without giving us something legendary but with combinations of runes we liked.
    6. Also runes can be combined with usage of Horadric Cube. Put 3 of them and it results in 1 Rune of higher level.
    7. This magical item allows us also to create five new items:

    8. Yeah we all know it, those were skill runes! (Screen from GDC with Wyatt Cheng http://www.gdcvault....Refining-Diablo) This image is only to introduce some idea.
      RECIPE: 4 pieces of one new material (Demonic Muscle, Fangs of Damned, Burning Feathers, Brain fragments, Vial of Blood) and 3 Vital Essences create a random Skill Rune that modifies a RUNE in one RANDOM SKILL for the class u are currenty using. This Result can be engraved into item, only one at a time. U can disenchant it from the item by using in Horadric Cube item with 6 Pure Element Essences.
      I think this is a lot of braimstorming about it, but imagine:
      • Indigo Rune for barbs whirlwind – changes it into whirling ice fiering ice bolts around as a d2 frost ball:)
      • Golden rune for wizards ray of frost – sleet storms area of effect is doubled
      • Obsidian rune for demon hunters Companion – summon 2 spiders that slow monsters even more
      • Alabaster rune for monks Seven-sided strike modifying rune Sustained attack – each critical due to this skill reduces also cooldown by 1 second
      • Crimson rune for wd Fetish Army – Tiki Torchers - in addition all of your Fetishes are Tiki Torchers!
    9. Another usage i would see for Horadric Cube is enchanting – creating new items out of purified one and materials
    10. HOW???
      Each of new materials correspond to some elite affixes, it also will have influence on affixes on crafted item:
      • Pure Element Essence – resistances, intelligence, critical chance, crowd control effects resistance
      • Demonic Muscle – armor, block chance, thorns, strength
      • Fangs of Damned – attack speed, move speed, dexterity
      • Burning Feathers – sockets, crowd control effects, pickup radius, critical damage
      • Brain fragments – inteligence, strength, dexterity, vitality, mixed affix
      • Vial of Blood - %hp, %ls, loh, vitality, pickup radius, globe
      • RECIPE: Purified Item (or just white) + any of those 6 materials + Vital Essence
        - So How This Works?
        Lets say Mark plays his hardcore monk, he is level 30 and desperately needs upgrade he have found Brain Fragments, Burning Feathers, Demonic Muscle and 2 Pure elements essences, also he was lucky enough to put his hands on Vital Essence. He decided to make a good shield.
        Put all recipients into Horadric Cube. What he can expect? Almost all affixes that are associated with his materials can be rolled on shield, only crowd control effects and critical damage from Burning feathers are impossible to roll.
        He have many possibilities. Lets say he rolled as this:
        • 2 Pure Element Essences – all resist and cold resist
        • Demonic muscle – block chance, hell yeah:)
        • Burning Feather – pickup radius
        • Brain Fragments – Vitality
      • But what values can he expect? This is another great (in my opinion) thing that could be done with that stuff – Values of created item will roll accordingly to the level of base item we are using to craft:) (NOTE they never will exceed maximum, except base statistics who in my opinion could reach double current limit if we put many of brain fragments. This way we can get item with pretty high rolled value of stats, but also sacrifice possibilty to roll other affixes.
    11. Mixing blue (magic) items – two blue items (4 affixes) of same base type and 3 Vital Essences gives rare (yellow) with those affixes, but not straightly added, i think it should be some variance, maybe between 66% and 77% of their summarized value
    12. Mixing Rare items – 2 rare items (at least 4 affixes on each giving us from 4 to 12 affixes) plus 5 Vital Essences gives us Rare Item with 6 affixes, chosen random from those items, so it can summarize, and reduced to 66-77% of new value

    If i will have any thoughts i would add – they will be below the line:
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    10. Mix any rare/magic item with white one occupying same slot. Mystic needs some materials to transfer Essence of item to white one. This will let us customize look of character. Costs will be:
    • 4 Pure Element essence for Shield and rings, we dont see them on character but still can modify their look in chart
    • 4 Demonic muscle - Pants and bracers, for bracers same rule as for rings
    • 4 Fangs of Damned - Gloves and Weapons
    • 4 Burning Feathers - Boots
    • 4 Brain fragments - Helm
    • 4 Vials of Blood - Chest
    • Also every transfer will need 1 Vital Essence
    11. Mixing any 6 of my materials with 1 Vital Essence results in one rare unidentified item, Item type depends on Essences u have used in same way as stated above. Item level will be your character level+1 (note paragon levels dont count) and for level 60 - it can be random from 61 to 63
    Some Gambling would be nice to see, chances as it will be legendary is same as with basic drop ratio;)

    P.S. editing my post will brake some formatting so i just add reply. and... free bump^^ (really would like to see some discussion and know that it reaches blizz;))
    P.S.2: Link to topic on english forum:
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