The last World Record solo Uberboss speedkill

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    The barbarian rivalry between me and duus89 have finally come to an end..

    Duus have sold his gear, and i don't think this time can be improved with the gear currently in the game. At least not noteworthy before the expansion pack hit the servers...

    ...If you think i'm wrong, i welcome you to try, as it would be nice to see some new guys giving it their best.. :)

    So without further ado, i bring you the very last barbarian solo uberboss wr.

    Diablo 3: (The last) World Record Uberbosses Solo Speedkill in 1min and 24.833 sec -by dtx @

    Rakanoth and Ghom = 12.900 sec
    Siegebreaker and Kulle = 21.833 sec
    Magdha and skeleking = 50.100 sec

    Total killtime = 84.833 sec = 1 min and 24.883 sec

    (I didn't bother to updated the Magdha and skeleking video, as i already had the record for that fight)

    Am actually glad this is over, and i know for sure.. I wont be doing any ├╗bers for a long time.. :)

    Please rate or hate, or simply just ask your questions / give me your suggestions :)
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    Insane. +1

    Not only have you the gear to do it, but the tactics in killing those ubers were flawless.

    You can definitely say you reached Diablo 3's end-game (at least the character progression end-game).

    I probably never will have the time needed to get to such a point, so I'm happy to just enjoy my own "casual" end-game (hardcore, multiple characters, crazy hipster builds :P).

    A couple questions:

    Did you play D3 since launch? If yes, did you always play at maximum efficiency (farming, getting paragon lvls, using the best builds)? If you stopped, for how long and when?
    Did you use the RMAH? If yes, for flipping, upgrading or selling stuff?
    Did you play coop or had a team to farm with?
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    Amazing watching these speed kills, i think its insane how fast you can do these. When doing them solo i sometime have to refresh my stacks :P Very good job!
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    @ Zero(pS)

    Thanks to your kind words :)

    Onwards to your questions:

    Did you play D3 since launch? If yes, did you always play at maximum efficiency (farming, getting paragon lvls, using the best builds)? If you stopped, for how long and when?

    Yes i have been playing since the launched... well thats a lie, as nobody were playing the first few days :P
    I can copy what i wrote on the offical bnet forum a while back, as it will shred some light on my background

    "I will just chip in and say ive played diablo since day 1, well thats a lie, the first days nobody were playing... (error 37)

    But we can say since day 3 ive been playing everyday, reading up on the news and discussing on forums.

    Think even Jumbasa can comfirm this, as we have had our fair share of fights over at the barb forum.. (when his main were a barb)

    Anyway...anyone remember this ? =)

    To continue on my little story...

    As all the other barbs, i were running my head into the gearing wall in act1 inferno, slowly making progress, until i finally hit the real gearing wall in act2 inferno for both melee classes..

    After weeks of farming act1 over, and over, and over, and then some. I finally found a axe with ~800dps and ~800loh (insane at the time).

    This allowed to start playing act2, with the "cookie cutter" barb build at the time.

    Sword and Board barb with frenzy + sidearm rune (best proc coefficients for life on hit) + revenege with proc rune, in-fact all the skills/passives that were used, was aimed to help with the damage mitigation and survivability.

    I even remember i was dreaming about finding a Stormshield, as those where the "shait" at the time.

    When i at last hit act3, i were facing a new gearing wall, but this didn't take "all that long" to overcome by farming act2. Act4 were a blaze, with no real differences compared to act3.

    When i finally managed to kill diablo, i had around 15k PDPS, and over 12k armor.
    1 week later the 1.03 patch hit the servers...

    After this i got a little bored when i couldn't for the life of me, find any upgrades, so i started to spend around ~10 to 15% of my salary on items per month (and still do). Awhile after i started to use the RMAH, i also started making some youtube videos of myself playing and using "wonky builds".

    I was widely known as THE ranged barb, and in some cases i still is.. :)

    If you want to look at my items progression and/or see how the game were played at the time, you can checkout my youtube channel :) (now i really regret deleting my oldest videos =/)

    First video i have left, are from 9 months ago, with one of my "ahead of its time" bloodsheed ranged barb build. (i actually think this was one of the very first bloodsheed builds, it even predates the ww/nado build we know today)"

    To continue on the question..

    I haven't really always played what was considered the "best" build at the time, as i never liked the standard ww/nado build, instead i were using a few different throw builds pre 1.04 (HotA buff), nowadays iam sticking to HotA, but not the standard one mind you.

    This is one my "my" HotA builds with leap incorporated for skipping corners in VotA... (was made back in ~April when demonic essence were needed for crafting) It is really the most effective way to farm DE with a barb.

    More info in this thead: The 1 hour demonic essence challenge @

    I have also been playing around with different bloodsheed builds lately (into the fray/perma wotn change incomming)

    Diablo 3: Perma WOTB HotA build using Bloodshed @

    Diablo 3: Perma WOTB Throwbuild using Bloodshed @

    The De1337er Build - A Guide to blowing stuff up.. @

    Did you use the RMAH? If yes, for flipping, upgrading or selling stuff?

    Yes, yes and yes. Ive done it all :)

    Did you play coop or had a team to farm with?

    I mostly group up with the "moldran pvp team" from when we actually thought there were gonna be a proper duel system (~7 months ago). But i also know a few of the top players of each class :)

    PS: Sorry for the wall of text :P
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    That is very impressive... wow...
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    Thanks for all those answers. I suspected what were the answers for some questions, but it was still good to hear the whole story.

    Nice to know you have some videos with the whole story, I will check those out later ;)
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    I'm loving the retro 8 bit style soundtrack to the uber boss kills!
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