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    2 days have passed and I still didn't get the item I bought. This is not the first time, I have waited even more for another item. What is the reason for this delay and what measures are taken to fix this??
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    boosting this cause I would really like an answer
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    This happened to me for the first time about a week ago, it took three days for a ring to show up in my completed tab. I opened a ticket and got a response that sometimes these delays happen. No further explanation. G/L
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    Happens all the time. If you have any items for sale in the AH, you can cancel them out and your purchases might populate in the completed tab. If you do not, you will have to wait a while and they will eventually appear.... Someday.
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    Are we talking RMAH or?

    I've had the issue alot on the Gold AH..... but when I get it, I just buy a singular demonic essence and it refreshes the completed tab.

    Presume thats the same idea behind what Syronicus said.
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    That doesn't always help. I've had same issues over the past couple of months. Usually a day or two and then items will show up. It is frustrating tho. And it's the same generic answer too..."these things happen" or "due to heavy AH traffic" lol
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    There are a couple things going on here. Sometimes the items come from someone or have been filtered through someone that is under investigation, so the items are "under review." Sometimes the item has changed hands so many times that there are AH delays while the transactions are being checked. Sometimes it really is just AH lag. I find sometimes if you buy a few more things or sell a few things that kicks through AH lag transactions. Sometimes you just have to wait it out. If you haven't gotten anything for 3 days, submit a ticket.
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    Longest time I had to wait was 6 days. Ticket was put in and by the time they got to it I had already received my item. Zuni boots that would have been helpful the day I bought them... Having to wait sucks sometimes.
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    ^^ I've had at least two situations where I bought stuff for a HC character and then lost the character before the item shows up in the AH. That's like the ultimate twist of the knife lol
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