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    My idea is to implement passive skill tree. The real tree - like in PoE, yes im a bit inspired by it. Whenever i open it im amused and sink in it for a long time. I hope d3 can bring me moments like this.
    Im not sure if it would be better for Diablo3 to give one huge tree like in aforementioned game or just smaller one for each class respectively. I suppose second form will be better and will allow to put new classes into game without making huge mess in it.
    Why i came with this idea? - simply current paragon leveling is not rewarding properly, player needs to feel progress. Currently i dont have syndrome of one more level (d2 and PoE gives me that much fun)
    And HELL NO! to accound-wide paragon level!!!

    Im rly sorry i wont give any illustrations like so many creators of suggestion topics. im just not good at it and dont have as much time:/

    Here are my ideas:
    - each paragon level gives u one point to allocate on passive tree
    - passives create paths
    - u can allocate or respec any numer of points at any time at town (cant respec passives that are required for further ones)
    - tree is flower based:
    1. one huge central are with passives that can be chosen by all classes
    2. five smaller areas around with specific class skills
    3. each class have six main pathways - each for one set of skills ( like tactic, defensive, power, basic, additional etc...)
    - there are over 150 of passive points to allocate on each side of the tree (near each class) and around 300 in the middle area

    what passives there should exist:
    - pathways can be done out of small passives like a 1% of additional hp, 2-5 main stat or vit, 1% to dodge Chance or to armor, higher resource pools by just small amount again 1% or so, it could be a small buff not a huge boost to nefalems power
    - pathways are also done out of specific for each mentioned type of skill brackets (tactical etc..)
    - passives allocated near pathways should be like bonus to a statistic e.g 50 int (u want to go more stats over allocating in other useful passives? your choice) others: boost to AR (20-30) 10 to all statistics
    higher boost to oen resistance (e.g. +100 to cold res) some hp regen (%of this from gear)
    - passives specific for type of skills:
    1. boost to aoe of skills (have u ever imagined ice meteor damaging half of screen? explosive blast or sleeting storm also just asks for more aoe)
    2. boost to resource usage (-10% or so)
    3. boost to damage +10% to damage of skill (skill makes 250%of weapon damage? now it makes 275%!)
    4. boost to cd - passive giving -10% to cd of skills in this bracket (10 secs shortened to 9)
    5. all passives above ar additive!!
    6. boost to specific bracket - monks mantra's first effect last longer, wizz shield no longer lowers mana pool, wizards summons bracket absorbs some percentage of incoming damage etc
    7. boost to class resource - some regen, more maximum, dh's discipline regen, (dh is only class with huge resource problem and cant spam skills like infinite)
    - passives for specific skills - just few ideas: u can have additional hydra up to 3 each passive gives +1, you can have one hydra but it can walk as a pet! u can use different hydras at a time! as a barb when u choose specific rune for ancients call and activate skill - prefered ancient follows u untill dead, barbs epicenter lasts longer like 40 secs or just have no cd, wd fetish army follows u till they die, monk can have 2 auras at a time and many more. They should allow to uncover new builds and give some diveristy:)
    - passives giving more power to current ones - cold blooded give u Chance to mitigate frozen and u can't be chilled,

    - central area with passives for all classes:
    1. non-skill specific: more hp, armor, evasion, resistances, crowd control effects (freeze on hit with cold damage based weapon, blind with holy weapons, slow with arcane, increased incoming damage with electric, poisoned, ignited with fire etc) crowd control mitigation specfic for cold damage, stuns slows etc
    2. skill specific - aoe, dmg cd etc
    3. THORNS!!!!
    4. some extras - your damage lowers enemies dmg, by 1-2 %, when u take critical hit u have Chance to replenish your cd
    5. maybe some mf, gf, ms bonuses
    6. bonuses for holding specific weapons - dodge for 2x1h, bonuses when holding class specific weapon
    7. shield bonuses - especially more chance to block, more armor provided by shield or specific part of gear
    8. some huge gamechanging passives - like remove armor but give huge chance to dodge (yep PoE:D) something imbalanced gamebreaking and giving awesome fun when building character

    MY DREAM - some other things i would like to see in patch not related to my idea:
    - revamp legendaries and so many poor set bonuses
    - at inferno u can find any legendary with apropriate statistics
    - remove % of weapon damage and rebalance basic value of weapon damage - not my idea but pretty simple and making weapons dmg not dependent on this affix
    - at smith u can change lookout of equipment by combining yours imba gear with found white/blue item
    - introduce runic words
    - and maybe some more gems, especially random jewels
    - introduce talismans (so many suggestion threads there)
    - infinite dungeon or sth like this allowing to grind with each level increasing difficulty
    - give more events (also there are many nice threads withmy favourite burning hells portal: http://www.diablofan...-hells-portals/)
    - introduce league system with resets and fresh economy

    Discussion on battle.net:
    EU: http://eu.battle.net...ic/7818341940#1
    PL: http://eu.battle.net...ic/7818711880#1
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    I don't like that you write a long list of suggestions without any graphical work or thought-through solid ideas...And you wrote it during work? Oh Tyrael... :facepalm:
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    Quote from Elendiro

    I don't like that you write a long list of suggestions without any graphical work or thought-through solid ideas...And you wrote it during work? Oh Tyrael... :facepalm:

    yep, however have long thought on my ideas not at work;) just here had some free time to write. i will try to create some visuals but its rly hard work for me:(
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    A passive skill tree would have to serve a specific purpose in the game, not just exist for the sake of it and to "awe" people with its size and (so-called) "complexity". And right now I see no holes in the RPG part of Diablo that a Passive Tree would fulfill.

    Stats (which come from gear) determine how powerful you are, how hard you hit, how tanky your character is. Secondary stats determine what kind of "specialization" your character has. Finding better items (MF)? Picking gold/globes from very far and gaining more from those (GF, globe bonus & pickup radius)? Extremely resistant to Arcane? Fire? Physical hits? Able to dodge much more frequently than similar people (Dex for Barbs/Wiz/WDs)? (plus with the itemization changes and the Mystic, this system should probably improve a lot)

    The Skills/Runes chosen determine how you use that power. Big AoE/DoT attacks? Smaller short-range high-cost burst nukes? Long-range high-cost burst nukes? High movespeed paired with slowly chipping away at the enemy's health? Tons of crowd control? (granted, we need to have some stuff tweaked to achieve better build viability and skill variety, but the ideas are all there)

    As far as "crazy builds" go (things like Blood Magic and CI from PoE), we've already heard how they're working on future Legendaries to fulfill that role, by allowing people to "break the rules" of their standard skillset and character limits. I think that's enough if executed well.

    So really, I see absolutely no reason to spend tons of resources implementing something that's, by most standards, a very archaic gaming mechanic. And then still having to tweak it from there (which even a game like PoE has to still rework every patch, despite having spent 2+ years to tweak that already).

    Again, I much rather have them use the systems that they have in place (and which fulfill their "role" pretty well) than implement new "customization" systems that will require as much (if not more) iteration and patching time.
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    Quote from Zero(pS)


    those are just my ideas - a guy bored with current situation that really likes d3 and has own point of view to what could be done to make game more fun. just thought i can make some suggestions about something that noone wrotes (as far as i know)
    ok i know with many ideas i go to far away - just my point was to make something that allows us to customize character - not give a huge power
    really thx for constructive ciritc:) I dont say d3 is bad game and needs my idea like we need air, i believe that team works hard. D3 is amazing game with huge potential and again Blizz will surpirse us and give purpose to play. Again game will gain more longevity. Just looking forward for it;)

    But there is one thing i can fight for - dont make paragon level account-wide :angry:
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