AoE Loot Pick-ups

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    It could be that I'm just lazy, but I would really like to see an AoE loot pickup option added within the game. It could work as follows:

    You go into the settings to enable AoE Looting. You get to choose what options get looted between common, magical, rare, legendary, set, gems, crafting, and potions. Then, as you play, you can click on one of the dropped items within the options you selected and pick-up all of those items within 25 yards.

    Am I the only one that would like this in-game?

    (As a side note, I would also like to see an mass vendoring and mass salvaging.)
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    I believe TItan Quest had this.
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    No, I already pick up so few things already that I actually appreciate it when the moment comes for me to pick something up.

    I've started picking more and more wizard hats lately, though, considering the growing popularity of Meteor and Sleet Storm builds :P

    Oh, and Doom Hammers. For those bat WDs. 0.90 APS FTW.
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    Yes, you are lazy. :(
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    Mass pick-up would just bring even more items into the economy, imo this is a bad thing due to the fact the auction house would be packed full of even more junk items than what it is now.
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    Autopickup for gems and pots would be nice. Just like with gold.
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