Paragon 100 what now?

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    i hit lvl 100 today and now it feels kinda pointless to go out there and farm. before 100 there was always the awarding xp bar but now its hard to motivate... any1 out there got some tips like some tricks to keep involved! and which runs you are going for? i just ran act 1 fields etc. for leveling so im kinda stuck now with this
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    I am actually 99.5 lol

    Right now the game is all about farming demonic essences once u hit 100 para. or level up another char.

    And go to act2 now, vault of the assassins and farm the shit out of it for demonics.
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    The first, obvious advice: start another class. Don't make p100 the goal, just see it as distraction. When you're bored with the other class, you can switch back and farm items or whatever.

    If there is no other class that interests you, play the same class on HC. Since you can't even use SC items, it won't be super easy.

    Those who only like one class and don't like HC even level a second character of the same class. Sounds ridiculous to some, but why not? If it's what you like... no idea what your first char's class is, but I know some people that have an Archon wizard and a CMWW wizard, both p100. Whatever floats your boat :)
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    Item farm! Best run, imo, is:
    1. Vota (checkpoint so you have a portal). Inside, clear straight ahead, and take the first next position clockwise from a single stair/and clear clockwise in a circle, taking any (relative from the POV of your class his/her) left and check for elites and clear those. This way you never ever backtrack or skip an elite inside here. You will end with 5 NV easily.
    2. Storm halls. Sick item drops here. It´s usually stretched out and has 2 long sides. The long sides are taken after you cleared the rooms on the other sides. You will recognize the long side straight away by the overpass area that will repeat itself for a few panels on the map, save those long areas for last. Tp out at the end.
    3. First oasis waypoint. Clear the zone in a typewriter approach from the bottom to the top, making clockwise circles around terrain. Mostly pull the entire map with you in a Y fashion, starting at the bottom of the Y and getting back the aggro from mobs by going back to them and hitting them after leaving from the sides after a short walk to aggro mobs from the sides, resetting the Y and going as long as you have mobs or transitioning back into a typewriter style on small areas or circles on wide areas, or around terrain doodads etc.
    4. Clear just up until you find the forgotten ruins dungeon. It´s always there since it´s a part of a main storyline quest. I have yet to come up with a good strategy for inside here. But clear it.
    5. Clear the rest of oasis and end up at the channels.
    6. Clear inside the sewers, or their names, western and eastern channel. The layout is usually pretty basic and there´s not much variety.
    7. Done.

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    really? you made a diablofans account to ask this? :facepalm:
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    I have a hard time farming just for loot at lv 100 as well. Just feels like you're not gaining anything from the run. Just start another class.

    Things I do at lv 100: DE farming, key runs, Uber runs, that's about it.
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    After reaching 100 with my Demon Hunter I started leveling up my Wizard. Leveling actually makes the game more fun since you have a goal that you wan't to reach.
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    Go HC its so much fun
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    Quote from FEIF81

    Go HC its so much fun

    ^ I can vouch for this :D
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    Recently got into HC myself... this game is fun when you have to work for stuff, not to mention I've found 4 legs already, on SC I didn't find a leg til inferno act 1 butcher runs...
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    I fell into the same "hole" so to speak. After a break I could not resist any longer and have been farming since then. Enjoy the summer. ;-)

    Edit: Typo.
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