Zaramos: Last Part of the Paragon 100 Solo-Worldrecord (52 hours) on Stream today!(98/100done) With BIG Giveaways!

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    Hey guys,

    New highlight on my Stream:

    :tyrael:Speedlvling new Barb Plvl 0-100 in 52 hours! :tyrael:

    Follow my Stream on:

    Streaming today from: 22:00-2:00 CET

    Doing 98-100 today!

    - Speedfarming MP10 with 360k ubDPS
    - ALL Legendaries for the viewer
    - 10m gold for my viewers every 30 min
    - 5 times 50m gold at the end for YOU!
    - PvP with viewers

    Here is the Image: I needed 1 hour 30 mins for lvl 60. 30 mins for Gear and Checkpoints:

    Keep in mind that this is a SOLO Record. I know it is faster if you do it in a grp.

    I will do it in a grp and try to do it in 40 hours!

    If you have perfect rend/skorn gear and 300k+ dps unbuffed contact me!


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    May I ask how you got to 60 in 90 minutes SOLO? That sounds very unlikely. I'd even say it's impossible, if you had no one giving you all the waypoints/quests (you can't buy that in the AH, after all).
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    Holy crap your graphics card sucks! The texture on your armor is ps1 style...
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    Definitely type 2:
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    why would you level two softcore characters of the same class ... ? Time = wasted
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    I was carried by a friend of mine to 60.
    The Solo stuff is just above 60. So no grp play bonuses for the whole paragon lvling.
    Why do i lvl the same class again? Cause famring at plvl 100 is not rewarding at all anymore xD
    THis used to be a challenge to my self to make the game more enjoyable :)
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    Ok, that was not clear from your OP (@1-60 carried). The other thing (p100 in 50h) is impressive (though I would never do this). Don't really care for "world record", but at least you have more to offer than certain other streamers ;)
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    stream live NOW!
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    OK it is done: Paragon 0-100 in 50 hours 47 minutes!

    I will release a Video on Youtube how i did it and what route i was farming at.

    Stay tuned,

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    Quote from Elendiro

    why would you level two softcore characters of the same class ... ? Time = wasted

    I leveled three wizards to 60, deleted one, now getting a fourth to 60.

    Also leveled two DHs to 60. Deleted one.

    Leveled two monks to 60. Deleted one.

    Two WDs to 60. Deleted one.

    Two barbs to 60. One HC.

    And I'll level more if I have to if I want to have some fun.
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